Friday, October 1, 2010

To build and beyond....

Ahhh...went by the build site again today. Tony dropped off the magnets for the security team, and I, well, I walked up to the build site with Kenny and Gina. How interesting was THAT?! OMGosh, we got to see them working on the foundation and everything that goes along with that. Soooo cool!

Again, I am just at awe with how this show, along with all the volunteers, are helping families in need. Truly inspirational!

So, without further adieu...the pictures from today...Yes, these are the magnets that Tony made for them...He beats Fast Sign ANYDAY...turn around time...overnight if not sooner!!!! ;)Then, we ran into a friend of ours who is a Maple Heights firefighter and his coworkers....And finally....Kenny and Gina both give the peace sign to you all....Yes, this is closest version to the peace sign...but as least he tried. Yay Kenny!!!

More pictures coming as the weekend progresses!

p.s. click here -> to join our Facebook page to get EMHE to come back here to Cleveland for Kenny!!!!

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