Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A day down on the farm...

What a beautiful weekend down on the farm...Bob Evans farm festival to be exact!
They are open year round for those that want to get away and enjoy the scenic countryside. To just relax and get away for a while This year, Bob Evans celebrates 40 years and we were invited to be a VIP family at the festival this year! We were so excited about going to this. The festival takes place the second weekend of October...every year. It coincides with the fall harvest! So not only do you get to go somewhere where there is sooo much to do, but on the way down there, the trees are in full color! It was 4 hours away, but we haven't been out as a family in ages...well before Kenny and Nick were born. We were thinking of staying overnight at a hotel, but all the hotels in the area were booked, so we ended up driving out at 6 in the morning and getting there at 11 (bathroom breaks and traffic added to that extra hour). We know now to book well in advance for a hotel. We would have also loved to have camped at the campsite they have available...but, with Kenny, we don't like to take that chance...not just yet anyhow. I couldn't get over all the people that were was really a huge festival! My kids were so excited to see mountains...actual mountains!When we first got there...the kids saw this and thought this was THE BEST idea next to candy...its like sled riding without the sled or the snow...all you need is a piece of cardboard and a hill...FUUUUUN!!!There was an antique tractor and car display...There was wagon rides...Kenny was having a lazy day...he didn't want to walk at all and was very content sitting in his stroller just watching and taking everything in...Horse rides for the kids....even Kenny got to ride! They have never been on a horse, so this was so neat for them to experience this. Kenny loved it. We are now actually going to look into this as a therapy for Kenny and his muscles. I was talking to one of the girls that worked there and they have special programs for kids with disabilities! This verified me wanting Kenny to use this as a therapy! The stables are open for Horseback riding from April 15th to November 15. If you want more info on this program, click HERE. Its really a great thing they are doing for kids with disabilities and even for people that have never gotten a chance to ride a horse! Kayleigh...Dominic (my nephew)Tony...Taylor...Sydnie...Morgan was the only one that didn't want to go on a!

What would an event like this be, without Smokey the Bear!
And of course, Gina eating the yummy food that they baked beans ever!They had demonstrators like these Extreme Carvers...WOWWood carving...Sorghum making... (I honestly have no idea what this is,but it looked pretty cool)!Border Collie demonstrations. The kids really loved this one!There was areas to just sit and take everything in, like these folks did.A great big pumpkin scarecrow area to take a remembrance photo...(this was a very nice touch)They had a balloon artist who made the kids balloons...Since it was Tony's birthday weekend, he asked Tony what he wanted. Tony told him a sword...Instead...he got THIS!!! A hat!! baaahaaahaaa!!! Notice how happy he was when the guy slammed it onto his head. Also notice Sydney's excited face and Taylor's "look how stupid Tony looks with that hat on...haha...payback from all the times he was mean to me" face!!! PRICELESS!!!The HAT! hahaThe Bob Evans Museum...Animal petting which the girls found to be the best thing to do ever!There was a huge hay mountain that the kids (and us) loved to climb!There was a corn box (like a sand box, but made of corn kernels)
Because of Kenny's sensory issues, he didn't like this at all! He actually was in a panic almost. At least we tried.There were tractor hay rides...a scene from the tractor overlooking just one part of the festival...
Like I said earlier..Bob Evans Farms are so family friendly, so much to do, even when there isn't a festival going on...ITS OPEN YEAR ROUND for all the beauty of the country, with all the fun activities to do with the whole family...horseback riding, the museum, camping, and much more! We are sure to make this trip a couple times during the year!
All of this is made possible...our first get-away with the kids in...oh...forever, was made possible by these wonderful people, plus more...I would personally like to thank Blake Matthews for inviting us to this wonderful and very fun event! We plan on returning every year. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Bob Evans Blake said...

You are MORE than welcome, Michele! We were so happy to have you and it was a pleasure meeting your lovely family! You are welcome down on the farm anytime.

Tired Mom T├ęsa said...

What a wonderful post! I loved all of your pictures. Glad you had a great time - I was there with my family to review as well, it would have been so fun to meet up!