Tuesday, October 5, 2010


(this is the banner that Tony made for the family...it was dead front/center!!!!)
What an experience! It was cold. It was raining...but it was so much fun and exciting!
Yes, that is Ty getting the crowd wild up!
I am so happy for the Anderson family. What a crazy, amazing gift that was just given to them. A gift that will change their lives, forever!
Just warning you now...picture overload!!!
Yes, the Tomecko gang posing with that famous bus! (next year...oh, next year)
The limo with the family sitting in it...for hours, parked waaaaay down the street.Yep, the whole gang posing with some mascot LOLAnd again, with our favorite security guy...Fletch! I'm gonna miss him...
but only until they come back to Cleveland!the bus near the house.The bus parked in front of the house...just waiting while they put the finishing touches on the house...There's Ty again....yes, he actually looks even better in person ;)Ty with some little girl...The camera crew after they got done filming the inside of the house...And it's that darn Tomecko family...again...LOLXzibit...Bringing in the finishing touches to the house...it was like a living commercial with all those Sears bags! A Cleveland Browns player...Here's Michael!The production crew taping the crowd!Here comes the limo!!!!The Anderson family stepping out of the limo...The design team welcoming them home

Welcome Home Anderson Family

May God bless you and bless all of those that have helped make your dream come true!

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