Thursday, October 28, 2010

A special Halloween at school

Yesterday was Kenny's Halloween party at his First Step Preschool. Tony and I volunteered to help out.
Kenny in the morning, looking like a cool biker dude...walking out the door for school.

At school, he gets to play in the gym...he loves being pushed on his bike (doesn't know how to pedal yet, but this is one of his things they are working on with him).Getting a hug from one of his friends that he's known for 3 years now...Tori. He loves her!In class having snack time. Kenny has his assistant right behind him helping him with things.ewps... he spotted the camera.Giving me his evil eye. LOL. He doesn't like to use the sippy cup w/straw too much.He spilled his sippy cup so he was looking at me with that look like...why are you still here with that camera mom, look?! haha Tony and I waiting at our "station" for the trick or treaters...oh, and Gina too. She helped pass out the pencils ;) My big thing for Halloween...Halloween shirts and socks! LOVE THEM! Tony worked all night long and got up early to help out with the PTU...that's why the coffee and the zombie face (still cute though *wink).Tony waiting...waiting...waiting for the classes to come around. Off to trick or treat in the halls at the stations that were manned by us that a slight smile on his face? Why yes. Yes it is! This was one of the nicest things that Tony and I have been to. To see all these special needs kids excited to trick or treat. Its something that we would never have known if it weren't for Kenny. Kids with a wide gamut of needs...some slight, some needing an assistant (like Kenny). It was so nice to see that kids are kids no matter what. They all love to do the same things. Living as a parent of a special needs child, I am so proud...I truly am.

Now I know why he looked so sick...with the dark circles under his eyes...when we got home Kenny had a great time coloring in his coloring book and playing with his cards. We put him to bed last night, and within minutes, he developed a fever...I minute he was perfectly fine, the next, he was burning up. I quickly gave him Tylenol and put a towel down (knowing he would puke...which he didn't thank goodness). We were up all night with him coughing and trying to keep his fever down...along with Kayleigh. She came home from school yesterday and fell right to sleep. Now she has been fighting a fever for the last 3 days but felt much better yesterday so I sent her to school. Bad idea. She woke up after a 4 hour nap and was burning up and coughing. So, this should make a pretty interesting Halloween weekend. We have a wedding to go to. Its a costume party wedding. Tony and I are going as Snow White and Prince Charming, and the kids are going as the 7 dwarfs...yes, I'll take pictures. I am praying the kids get better by then. UGH the prayer request is out there for us.

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