Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another surgery for Kenny...

Whew...what a week! Kenny and Gina have both been fighting these colds that just don't seem to want to go away. They both had fevers, coughing...and oh, the snots! Because of Kenny and his lungs, he has been throwing up from coughing so much. Today (Sunday) was the first day he actually didn't puke, and his nose started to clear up towards the evening. We are hoping that by tomorrow, he will be healthy enough for his eye surgery in the morning.
His eyes have been crossing and, well...pretty much stay crossed so cosmetically they are going to try to straighten his eyes. It doesn't mean that he will be able to see out of both eyes just yet, because the brain has to start functioning and figure out that both eyes are aligned. See, when a child is crossed eyed, they don't have that double vision that us adults have when we cross our eyes. You know, you get sick to your stomach and headachey...nope...with a child, the brain turns off the vision in the eye that is crossing. So basically, Kenny has only been seeing out of one eye or about a year now. Hence the partial reason of why he falls all the time and has no depth perception. So after his surgery, we will be starting vision therapy to train his brain into using both eyes. Right now, Tony and I made the decision that we wanted our son to look as normal as possible...since he has so much going against him with his delays and disabilities. We really want to give him a chance to look as normal as possible. Not saying anything bad about how his us, he is perfect, its just that kids can be very cruel and we don't want that for him as he grows up. We want to give him a fighting chance in life and not be looked at weird or called names. We owe it to Kenny to do what will be good for him in his future.
They will also be checking how bad the scar tissue is on his eyes from the laser eye surgery he had from R.O.P. when he was in the NICU. We don't know how bad his peripheral vision has been affected from it but we do know that he has nearsightedness though.

So if you all can just say a few prayers for Kenny for tomorrow, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Michelle yrou family has been through so much yet you are such a happy mom and dad. We admiore that about you and keep Kenny in our prayers.....God bless you all...