Thursday, July 26, 2007

Havent posted in a while....some updates

Okey is the whole scoop. Kenny is off the ventilator and on C-PAP! He HATES IT. We still get to hold him...they just put the nasal cannula in at a higher oxygen level for us and take off the big ol' C-PAP tubes. He is beautiful (I know, I know....he is my son, so I'm allowed to say that!) LOL!!!
He still has the staph infection, but it is being treated with the me, he doesnt look sick like the last time he had an infection, but...I'll take their word on it. They checked his eyes again, and he does have ROP (retinapathy of prematurity) in both eyes...different stages though. It works in, I think 5 stages...5 being the worst. He has stage 1 and stage 2...they are watching the eye with stage 2, because stage 3 is when they do the lazer surgery.
He has gained a ton of weight! My little guy is alreadly 3 lbs, 12 oz!!! WOO HOO!!!! Tony asked his nurse when he should be coming home, and she feels that a few more months should do the trick! It seems like such a long time to wait, but I'll wait as long as I have to, as long as he is healthy.
I never realized how all this is hitting me...I think I am going through some post pardom depression or something. I am so exhausted, and just blah. It feels like I had a miscarriage sometimes. Ya know....I never really experienced my "twin pregnancy". I buried a son and my other one is slowly making progress, but I have nothing here at home to show that we have a baby. No bassinett set up, no newborn diapers, no baby boy clothes...nothing. For almost 3 months, its to go to the hospital...stay for an hour, then come home...and life continues. I have to admit, it is very trying.
On another note...I think I am done pumping. LOL! I have more than enough milk to feed everyone in ethiopia! LMBO!!! They are feeding him high calorie formula at the hospital, so what is the point of me pumping my boobs off! tee hee! So, I of today....I am done pumping. (i think).
The other kids are doing great...Tony and Taylor just finished the baseball season...YEAY! Tony starts football the second week of August. He is SO looking forward to that!...And that is about it....I'll update ya soon.

Friday, July 20, 2007 was good while it lasted!

Last night, while I was visiting Kenny, he had 3 apnea the point where the nurses had to help me to get him to breath. *sigh* Anyhow...the doctor called me this morning, and they are putting Kenny back on the ventilator! Can you say F***! He said that he was having apnea episodes all night long and that he was getting tired, so as a precautionary thing, they were putting him back on, and starting him on antibiotics. THIS FREAKING SUCKS! You'd think, him being 3 lbs now, that he would be fine....guess not! So everyone, please say prayers that it is not an infection and that he will come off the vent in a day or two.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yet another Kenny update

My little man is starting to be fed from a bottle! They started him off yesterday, with 10 cc's and he drank it like a champ! He had absolutely no d-sats or heart rate drops while being fed, which is wonderful! He is surprising even his nurses! So their plan of attack with him is, he will still be fed through the feeding tube every 3 hours, but once a day, he will have one bottle. YEAY!!! He is just learning, so they are going to take it slow.
The girls and I had girl day/night last night while Tony and little Tony went camping with the cub scouts. We did the typical girly girl stuff....go to McDonalds and play in the play area for 2 hours, go home and watch the Disney Channel, do nails, eat ice cream and camp out in the living room. Hey...we even stayed up till midnight! I AM BEAT!!!!
When Tony and Tony came home, I asked them to go to the hospital to see Kenny because I was WAY too tired and my (too much info) boob hurts from pumping. I I know why I never breast fed any of the other kids! ouch! LOL!!! Anyhow....They had some serious male bonding, the three guys...and we did girls!

Monday, July 9, 2007

It's been a while....but some new good news 9 weeks (33 weeks gestational) Kenny is on nasal canula!!!! He is weighing 2 lbs. 9 oz.!!! I am soooooo happy. He may have to go back on the C-PAP, but for now... he is doing really good!