Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

(a much needed) Fun and Busy Weekend (part 1)...

You know, there comes a time in a person's life where you just have to say screw it...screw all the work overloads, the money matters, the mold & mildew, the ants, the every day life stresses and just have fun....and that is exactly what we did this weekend. Saturday morning I woke up to ants everywhere (after I have sprayed and used massive amounts of other products that guarantee the stupid ants wont come back...yet after 2 days, they're back). The mold/mildew in my entire basement (yep...everything has to go) is getting really bad too. I just couldn't take much more of it and it was between us getting stresses even more by taking everything out of our basement, or doing something fun with the kids. Well, since we haven't done anything all summer, I just wanted to forget all of our problems and do something, we chose to go to the beach! Our Lake Erie Mentor Headlands beach is so beautiful, I forgot how peaceful and fun it could be. I used to spend so much time there while growing was only fit to form, that we take our kids there! I am so glad we went...they had so much fun. That is...all but Kenny who would NOT step foot onto the sand (with socks and shoes on or off). He was so afraid of this whole concept of "the beach"! He had no idea what any of it (the sand, the rocks, the sun, the water) was all about. He would not budge unless Tony or I held him...or sat with him. He finally started to warm up to the beach scene about 30 minutes before we were about to leave.

I even caught a picture of Kenny taking a sip from a water bottle...which he has been working on for a few weeks now. I am so proud of him.

I couldn't keep Gina out of the water...I now know that next time we go to the beach, we will be bringing life vest...because I was a nervous mom trying to watch each kid...especially the younger ones...Gina, Kayleigh & Syd...who loved the water and wanted to go in further (which I wouldn't let them). The kids had more fun finding cool rocks...oh..and yes, we came come with 3 buckets full of rocks...

A great day was had by all...I am so glad we chose the beach rather than work around the house...loved seeing my kids smile. One day I vowed to get to an ocean beach so they can experience the ocean water, shells and smell!