Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Thanks everyone for the love and support through this miscarriage. I made peace with everything, knowing that when I went in for the ultrasound that there would either be nothing there or a fetus with no heartbeat.

Well to mine and Tony's surprise...............WERE HAVING TWINS!!!!!!!

Both measuring 7 weeks!!!!

I have been shaking and crying all morning long!!!!!! I really thought I miscarried again. Clots and cramps....the whole 9 yards!Here its from my uterus growing faster than normal!

Here is my ultrasound picture:

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Another miscarriage

I called the doctor...I think this is "it" for the miscarriage. I am cramping bad and passing stuff.... I am just so, so sad. The doctor wants me to come in tomorrow morning for an ultrasound. I HATE this. There is no other word to explain me than just very, very sad. Sad that my body is doing this to me AGAIN. Sad that I really wanted 1 more and it doesn't look like its gonna happen. I'm getting old and Tony doesn't want to try again. I have been praying to God to do what is best with this pregnancy...but why this???? There is nothing I could do to prevent it and there is probably something wrong with the fetus or something...I know that....I am just so sad and angry that I got pregnant in the first place. It wasn't planned, but very welcomed!Sorry for going on and on...I just needed to write out my feeling.