Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The milestones of a micro preemie keep coming!

Who would have thought that I would be posting posts of so many milestones in such a short time! I am so blessed with the fact that my 23 weeker, one who was not expected to make it, is doing so much! He took his time...but now he is just blossoming into such a fun and exciting little boy!
He learned something new last night...
the eve of our lighting a candle in memory of his twin brother, Nick whom I seriously feel gave his life to be Kenny's guardian angel...
On top of eating...which he's getting pretty good at, he has been trying to color in coloring books, play with his dolls...he loves his babies. They have to sleep next to him, wake up with him in the morning, and go in the car whenever he goes in the car. I am actually trying to find a boy doll (similar to an American Girl doll) so if anyone knows of such doll...please let me know.
He is learning to feed himself, put his shoes on by himself and drink from a cup. So why should I not be surprised that last night, Kenny learned to do a somersault! He was having more fun with Morgan rolling over and over! It was so nice to see him come out of his shell from only playing with lining his cars and cans up. He is actually in a new developmental stage of play and I am loving every minute of it!
 I love the fact that this little boy whom the doctors told me he'd never walk, is doing so much! I prayed for the last 5.5 years that he would be as normal as he could be...and he is really trying! I am so proud of my 1.7 pound miracle!

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