Thursday, October 25, 2012

God is Amazing

With everything that life threw at us these last 6 years (I'm including the time I was pregnant with Kenny and Nick and even before that when I lost a baby) I have finally come to the peaceful place I am at (at this moment anyways) right now...I feel very blessed. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks after dropping Kenny and Gina off at preschool today.
 Oh, that's right...I forgot to post that Gina started preschool at the same school as Kenny. She is going as a peer model student. A peer model student is one who has normal development that is in the classroom with kids with delays or special needs. She is there to help the kids learn social skills for kindergarten. Anyhow, she loves it! It was one of the best decisions we've made. Yeah, its crazy for me to make sure all 7 kids up and ready for school every morning, but...hey...I'm one to live for craziness...I had 8 kids!, anyhow...back to my revelation...
as I pulled up to the door to drop off Kenny and Gina for school (Gina has been going there for 3 days at this point), the drop off lady (I don't know what they are called) opened our van door and helped Kenny and Gina out of the van...all of a sudden, Kenny grabbed Gina's hand and they walked in to the school together. I asked the lady if she told them to do that and she said no.
OK, so as I am pulling away, I can see the two of them walking through the gym holding hands. It brought a cried like a big baby on the way home. I thanked God that he gave me such all the kids I have, two...for Kenny because he honestly shouldn't even be here. For all the odds were against him...but he made it. And three...for Gina. God gave us Gina to help Kenny. To be the close sibling that he missed with Nick being in Heaven. Its hard to explain. I feel blessed in so many, many ways. Yes, I went through so much pain and suffering...and I still hurt...a lot, but I feel extremely blessed knowing that Kenny will grow and thrive, that Gina has a special place in her heart for her best friend and buddy, Kenny and I know Nick is looking down and watching over us.

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