Friday, October 5, 2012

We have a lefty!

Today I decided that in between the screams and the tantrums of Kenny, I would sit him and Gina down and have some structured coloring time. Come to find out a few things during this actually very fun and quiet time with my two youngest...1) that I thoroughly enjoy...I mean...really love to color. I think it is right up there with making headpieces, beading jewelry and drawing/painting for me. Its a very relaxing experience (especially when your at your breaking point).

And 2)Kenny is a lefty! Yep, he falls right along side my brother with this one! After all this time of holding a crayons, pencils and pens with his whole fist, he is now developing the right way to hold a writing utensil! I am so proud of such an accomplishment! And it took just 5 short years to learn to do this!!!

Please don't mind the little girl without a shirt on...she was playing "army guy" and chose to not wear one...haahaa!
Gina concentrating on a very colorful and really good (in the lines) coloring job... in this one he decided to hold crayons in both hands!
Little things in life are so precious...time of nice and quiet...playing (or coloring) with my kids are so worth it! I am just so excited to share how far Kenny has come...even from just a few months ago!

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