Thursday, January 30, 2014

Midnight thinking

Here I sit...awake as usual. After a long week of trying to get the house cleaned for a few house showings. Hoping to make it just perfect for that special someone who will fall in love with our house and make it theirs. To buy it for what we're asking...what we've put into it for the eighteen years we've owned it.  So far, it seems to be a fairytale falling apart at the seams. Every week, the house gets scrubbed from top to bottom...staged (and pretty good at that, I might add)...
...and then we leave. The kids are stressed, we're stressed...and financially it's killing us.
We're not desperate enough to just give our home away...we loved and cared for it (and still owe on it), but we really need to get into the Summitview house.  We ended up lowering the price $5000. It's very inexpensive, but this is the lowest we can go without losing money. A lot went into the house and we owe it to ourselves to get what we need to close on the other house and be able to fill it with all the appliances and lighting fixture...not to mention, it's a foreclosure, so who knows what is wrong with it...and to have just a little bit of money for a nest egg.
I think we're exhausted from the fight. I know I am.
We're trying to get an extension for the house we want, which will end today.
If that falls through, we lose all the money we put into the new house. The house itself, will be put back on the market and we will have to start from scratch and pray that the house is still on the market when someone does buy our house. Devastated? Yes, but we will not give up. we know this house we have been workng on getting, is the one. Angry at the buyer that backed out? Extremely! Buti kow it's not good to hold grudges and to move on to selling it to someone even more deserving!

What is even more devastating is the fact that a very, very dear friend of mine is laying in a hospital bed and given just a few weeks to live.
If you knew this woman, you'd know how beautiful, positive, full of faith, crazy funny and very loving she is. She's got determination and a love for life which outshines anyone else I've ever known!
I would give up everything materialistic for her to be healed of this stupid cancer that has slowly  ravaged her.
I just want her to be ok, but I know she is in so much pain.
I want to drink champaign with her, just because. I want to laugh at her funny comments, I want to make her a plate of lemon squares, which she loves,  and I want her to live a long life for her kids and grandkids. And it sucks that cancer is taking her...I hate cancer and everything about it!
Miracles do happen, so one can only hope and pray!

I am so eternally grateful to God for bringing Jill into my life and I want her to know that I will hold her near and dear to me forever.
Cancer suck and I am sad and angry at the same time. I have cried so much over how sick she is and the pain she has to endure.
I don't want this for her.

I was afraid to visit her at the hospital...I mean...I'm being honest here. Even though I went through hospice training, when it comes to a close friend...everything went out the window. I was visibly upset walking into the entrance to the hospital. I thought to myself, "I can't just walk into her hospital room empty handed". What was I to get. I looked around the gift shop. A balloon? Well...most of them said Get Well Soon...I just didn't feel it was appropriate. Not to mention...she is on heavy pain meds, so the balloon might become several weird objects to a drugged up person...I didn't want to do that to her. There were statutes, stuffed animals...nothing quite fitting for my friend and this situation. I just didn't know what to do so I asked this little old lady that was working there. She grabbed my are and told me to hold on. She walked into the back room and I thought to myself that they must have gotten some new merchandise that she didn't get to put out yet. She came back. With tears in her eyes, started to cry. Opened up an envelope that she had and taken out two beaded bracelets with angels on them. She told me to wear one and give the pink one to my friend. This way we will always be together, no matter what. Ok...I started crying at this point. She went on to tell me that someone close made them for her when her husband was very sick in the hospital. She was to wear one and her husband the other. She really wanted us to have them. A total stranger gave us something so meaningful in her I was blown away with emotion.
It was a perfect! Simple, but had love, meaning, and a wonderful story of friendship and selflessness behind it.
This woman in the gift shop was an angel in disguise!

I will wear is bracelet with knowing that Jill and I will have a special friendship that cancer won't take away from us...for as long as I live!

I feel like I've been so wrapped up and preoccupied with the houses, the packing, the cleaning, and the move...that I neglected what is really and truly important...Friends and family.  This is why I say that whatever is gong to happen with the house sales...let it. I need to start focusing on my personal relationships. No more of this materialistic cr@p. we're always going to have financial issue, so what if everything falls apart? I'm used to it so...whatever.

I sent my friend this poem which I feel is perfect!

May your days and nights be filled with peace,
And may those you love be near.
May the solace of that closeness
Banish any hint of fear.

May the joy you've brought to others
Fill your soul now with that light,
And the memories of happy times
Fill your dreams through darkest night.

For you've lent your strength to many.
You've upheld us in our strife.
Now let those of us who love you
Let you know just how your life

Has been the brightest beacon
For you've shown us how to bear
With great dignity and courage
Both the bad times and the fair.

As a mentor and a leader
You have always been our guide.
As a friend there's been none better.
May you know all this with pride.

All our prayers and thoughts are with you.
May you feel their soothing grace.
May our care and loving hold you
Here within that sacred space.

So for the next couple of weeks, I will be spending my time with my good friend and not worrying about materialistic stuff that has plagued my thoughts since November. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

For sale (slideshow)

I made a slideshow of our house that NEEDS to be sold in 9 days!

5010 Snow Road slideshow

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So we are not giving up!

We are having an open house for our home on Sunday, January 12 from 12:00-2:00. I hope this gets out to many people . We need this house sold in order to try to get the house back that we lost (because of the buyer backing out on our current home)! So here's the listing...please pass this around to anyone currently looking for a beautiful home in Parma Ohio...that is priced AMAZINGLY low!

Monday, January 6, 2014

I wish it wasn't just a dream

In a move that was supposed to make our new, we are now stuck and even more in debt.
I dreamt that PNC bank along with the realtor selling the house we were buying sent an email telling us that we were getting a three month extension and if we get into the house within the three months...then out realtor gets double commission. And then I woke up.
In reality, we lost it all. The sale of our house, the dream and prospect of the house we were a week away from moving into, and the money we put into both houses. It was too good to be real. Everything was going fairly smooth with the sale of our house until the bank turned the buyer down. He found a mortgage company that would do his loan for him, but he chose not to go with them. He broke his contract and there is nothing we can do. We are heartbroken. This is not what we were expecting. I tried everything to try to get an extension for the house we put an offer on. Every road has turned into a dead end. And to add salt to the wound of losing the sale of our house, the purchase of our dream home and all the money we put into both...the release that was sent over to us was to give the earnest money back to the ex buyer. 
How is it that we signed contracts but they are meaningless. If we are interested in an empty, foreclosed home...why can't e bank that owns the home help us out...give us some time. I can't get over how fast this whole dream fell apart. We are now in a packed up house...because it doesn't feel like home anymore. I am sure people reading this are saying..."we'll at lease you have shelter over your heads", but it's the dream that was so close to being reality that we lost...and it hurts very bad.

So now that I've loathed in self pity...I vow I will not...I can't let this dream die. I need to get this dream back into reality mode. There should be something written, protecting a buyer of a house (while selling their own) from losing their dream when the buyer of their house decides they just wants to back out. We shouldn't be losing all of the money, time and planning that we put into our new home. My kids deserve better. This dream can't end...I still haven't finished fighting...I'm a mommy of an angel and a micro preemie who has a lot of issues...I won't quit (but I could use some help)!