Monday, July 23, 2012

A Kenny update:

Day 6 hospital stay: sleeping soundly after a very active and playful day. Tonight he is sporting the new fashion accessories...a 24 hour heart monitor and a pulse ox/apnea monitor. The 40-ish heart rate following his GI study night wasn't a fluke.
He did amazingly well on eating for me today. With a small amount of pureed grilled cheese sandwich (yeah, it looked like how you'd picture it. The cook must have had fun blending that! All that pent up aggression towards sandwiches...after years upon school years of seeing/eating/trading them in the lunchbox...then having to make them for ungrateful people at the hospital who criticize them, the cook, for over/under grilling them...well, this grilled cheese was the payback! In the end, it looked almost as appetizing as the pureed chicken and mac & cheese!

Hoping they figure out this unexpected heart issue and he gets to come home tomorrow.
The house and kids...well...just everything is off kilter. The world seems like I am living in bizarro world! Everything still going on like normal all around us, but for our family, our world is just crazy. I just want the normalcy...well...our normalcy again.

Pray for no bradycardia episodes tonight!

P.s. On a great note, my cupcake adventure has taken off far more than I ever thought. I can soon (after all this with Kenny), start back up on my milestones cupcake sales are funding everything I do with that. Yay!