Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kenny is home...

Kenny is home!!! THANK GOD!

It has been one of the most trying weeks since the NICU stay....not in terms of his health, but in terms of OMG...what are we going to do? There are 6 other kids at home, Tony has to work...and no one to help. THAT is what we had to deal with...on top of the house just falling apart...homework had to get done, laundry, dishes, dinners, baths, meetings...oh it just never ended! The stress that we are facing in this house is more than what I'd wish on anyone. Sometimes I just feel that He got it all wrong (i know I'm not supposed to say that...but this is how I am feeling), I am not the strong person that He thinks I am. I really am not. There is a lot of sadness, guilt, anxiety, and frustration that is inside of me.

I was giving Kenny and Gina baths yesterday evening...It was just a mommy moment. I was looking at Gina...looking at Kenny and just started to cry. My perfect son...the one I prayed and prayed that him and his twin would be born healthy and on time is not perfect...ok...I know what you are going to say...YES he is perfect...I love him with all my heart and soul, but it just hit me like a ton of bricks...he is a special needs child. There is something wrong with him...physically and mentally. He is beautiful...but he is...slow. His head is small, eyes crossed, tongue sticks out, he looks tired but his smile lights up the room. I love my kids with everything in me. They are what makes me...My only wish and dream was to have healthy and happy children...and this is fading. Because of Kenny being so sick all the time...taking up most of Tony's and my time...the other kids are paying for it. I am so sad about this. I keep asking God, why me...why did I have so many kids, so much heartache, so much struggle in this life? I have never done anything wrong...honestly...not 1 thing wrong...followed life's rules to the "T"! The stress is overpowering. So much that I had to wear a stupid heart monitor a few days ago because of chest pains. It's one thing after another...the trials and tribulations never end...ever.

I know I am not supposed to question God and his plans...I know that. I also know that there is a reason for everything...a reason why people come and go out of your life, a reason why good and bad things happen...but loss...loss of any kind...over and over again...brings me to my knees. From the time that my brother died...everything in between...up until today...and probably tomorrow, I am on my knees asking why, what if, and is there something more that I should have done or should be doing.

I have given up my personal plans of working, owning a headpiece boutique, drawing, painting, making jewelry...given all that up to raise my children. I don't mind it at all. I chose to do this, but I also gave up part of me...then when Nick died...I lost more of me...then as Kenny is having more and more health issues, even more of me is gone. I don't think I have anymore of ME left. I am happy...I truly am. I have a great husband, family, and friends. I also feel very blessed and honored that God thinks I can handle all this, but I just want a normal life for myself, my husband and my kids. The kind of life that we don't all have to be stressed out ALL THE TIME. The hospital stays, the trying to find someone to help out while Tony has to work and I have to watch the other kids when Kenny is in the hospital or has Dr. appointments. The list of medications that have to be given at specific times, the worrying what will happen next to Kenny, if he'll eat or not, if he'll have another seizure, if the next cold lands him in the hospital with lung issues, will he ever be "right"? Will the other kids resent their childhood being cheated from of all of this? It's so much!

So Kenny is on 3 new meds, and has a new diagnosis, Gastroparesis (slow emptying stomach) and GERD. These are on top of...Failure to thrive, Epilepsy, moderate to severe hearing loss, chronic lung disease, developmental delays, Strabismus, muscle issues, feeding issues and barely any speech. There is still the Autism and chromosome abnormality diagnosis that we are going to be looking into as well. He is still not eating solids but that is going to take time...a long time. He is eating 2 1/2 jars of stage 3 baby foods a day...wont eat any more than that...and is drinking his bottles like a champ. And with everything he eats and drinks, Duocal! They have him on Reglan, Prevacid and Periactin on top of Trileptal, Albuterol, Pulmicort, Singular, Duocal, and if needed...Diastat.

With all this on the table....I am very grateful to MetroHealth for taking great care of my son. The nurses were amazing! They understood that we couldn't be there all the time with Kenny, so they took him in under their wings.

Happy Good Friday everyone. May this Easter be full of blessing and renewed faith!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still there!

Another day in the hospital...yesterday was a very long one...Kenny had his barium swallow study done...and from what they saw, no obstructions! YAY! Now to figure out what is going on with him and why he isn't eating...most likely psychological...which is very typical for micro preemies...from what I am told. It is very frustrating but at least we are starting to get a plan of attack in motion! He hates staying in his he is either in a wagon being pushed around, sitting at the nurses station with the nurses, or in the play room...will NOT go into his crib! That's all I pretty much all I've got for now.
We are just exhausted in every sense of the word. Everything is out of whack around the Tomecko house. Tony has been trying to get his jobs done, I've been trying to keep up with the house and kids...but because Kenny has been at the hospital for a week now....going to spend time with him, making sure the other kids are alright...homework done, baths given, etc... there is no quality time for any of us. The Tomecko house has become a very stressed out, not enough hours in the day, trying to make time for everybody and! The laundry has piled up, everything is half done around here. We have to be here or there, do this or that...then worry about Kenny being by himself at the hospital when Tony or I leave...worry about the other kids and how they are coping with the mind is in a million places along with my heart!
I cant believe that Easter is this Sunday! Please do something nice for someone...a kind word, a kind someone you makes a world of difference!
Here are some pics from yesterday...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kenny is still in the hospital....

He has been there since Tuesday. He will be there at least til Monday because they are going to do a few more tests on him as to why he's not eating. It is either psychological or there is something that is not allowing him to eat solids....the tests will tell us one way or the other. He is having some more testing done Monday morning, so hopefully after that he will be home.

I am so tired. I am completely drained of everything that is me. Its just one thing after another with our Kenny. He is such a strong little boy, I really wish I was more like him...I am putting up a pretty good fight, but it has been a very, very hard and trying 3 years. I find myself questioning why...almost daily. We have been blessed with 8 beautiful children...when the doctors were even amazed that I would be able to carry 1, especially with a bicornuate uterus....and! But the heartache, the stress, the guilt, the hospital stays, the meds, the frustration and the's all very overwhelming. I am trying to live day to day...but sometimes my mind goes into overdrive and sucks...that pretty much sums it up.
So this is going to be a short post.
Went to see Kenny this afternoon-evening...he was sleeping in a wagon behind the nurses station...they love him there!!! He seems to have all the nurses wrapped around his little finger!!! LOL! We walked around the unit...and around, and around....the kid was showing me everything! LOL! I miss him so took everything to not take him home with me!
Tomorrow is another day...another day of tests and crying.... from Kenny AND me.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...another hosptal stay

I had this whole other post in draft mode yesterday, then we ended up taking Kenny to the hospital because his doctor wanted a weight check on changed from this point on.

There is nothing more unsettling than waking up (after days weeks months of literally, no sleep) to the sound of Kenny throwing our bed. What's worse, when it smells up the whole room...then he proceeds to throw up all over all the pillows, blankets, himself, the was not a fun night at the Tomecko house two days ago. There is no fever, no runny nose...nothing. Just the throwing up at night.

Two days ago, Kenny ate 1 1/2 jars of stage 3 baby food for dinner. I was so excited! He was eating really well for me...for once...then...that is what he ended up throwing up! I find myself trying to force feed him because of this fear that he is going to die or get really really sick...and what does he do? He puked his guts up...I'm feeling real accomplished as a mom over here...let me tell you!

You know...I thought I knew everything there was to know about kids....I am clueless with Kenny. When I think I finally have things under control...BAM...something else happens. Its all the time! Its hard...hard work, Hard emotionally, physically and mentally draining!

We took him to in for his appt...weighed, mind you...he has had a very poor appetite for me...I've been putting Duocal in everything he is eating...
weighed him...and he lost 2 oz from last week! We talked with the doctor she decided that he needs to be in the hospital. They didn't want him to get dehydrated or have his heart weaken...which would happen if he continued to not eat or drink. They are going to be running a bunch of tests on him...including a barium swallow study.

Its pretty funny how the nurses on 4c know little Kenny already...what a little lady's man! When I called over there last night, he was sitting at the nurses station with them!

I feel so torn as a mommy. I need to be with Kenny at the hospital...I hate leaving him to come home...but I have to. I have 6 other kids that need me too. Tony needs to work to pay the bills, and I cant be two places at once. My heart is broken...just adds to the raw emotions that have plagued me for a few years now. I talked to a good friend of mine who told me to take 5 minutes and regroup...this is what is going to make me stronger...I am going to fight for my little guy and give him the best possible chance he has. He is a fighter my hero and I wont give up (even though I could climb into bed and stay there for My friend is right. I cant let this get me down. I cant let these monthly hospital stays get to me. I am a strong (50% Italian/50% polish) person. Kenny is a miracle! Thank you for having faith in me and giving me the pep talk.

And finally...we had Morgan's birthday party on Sunday. Here are some picture:
Signs by Tony...

The Birthday girl (a month late!)...Singing Happy Birthday....The best part of the cake....licking the frosting off the candles!!!!Entertainment from her brother Tony and cousin Dominic...Mommy (me) and all my daughters...Daddy and the birthday girl...

Please keep Kenny in your prayer. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

still 25 lbs.....

So yesterday was another day at the hospital. We went for Kenny's comprehensive care appt. at the hospital...and oh was it a day! They didn't like the fact that he only gained 7 oz. in two weeks. I've been giving him 2 teaspoons of Duocal in EVERYTHING! He's up all night drinking pediasure with it in it as well! He is just not gaining enough weight for his height. They are now worried that is or will start burning muscle...which includes his heart. So there was tons of blood was taken from my little guy and we will see from that what we will be doing. She is also concerned with the fact that he is sick...pretty much...every week so she wants the immunologist to take a look at him also. I never in a million years thought that this would be so hard. I really didn't. You know...I'm supposed to be making my son better...and no matter what I do, I cant. He wont eat solids for us...he cant/wont drink more than 4-6 oz of pediasure at a time. To get him to eat his stage 3 baby foods...well...its a chore in itself. He will eat almost 1 jar per meal...if I am lucky, like I was the other day, he had 1 1/2 jars (woot woot). I am doing everything to try to help and it seems like I am not doing my job as a mommy! On top of unable to carry my twins to a safe point, losing Nick and not being able to do anything about it...this sucks. Its really testing me as a mommy...a person.
I asked the doctor if he could be getting sick all the time from the mold/rotted wood in the rafters of the basement and from the asbestos around the house...she kind of looked like a deer in headlights when I asked her that...and said...ummmm....yeah. OK...great! Now another thing to have to worry about. I am telling you...this is NOT the life I wanted or dreamed of. My kids and husband....Awesome! Yes, they are what I dreamed of. But everything else...this dark cloud that had been hanging over needs to go away, because I am trying my hardest to look on the bright side of everything...but its getting harder and harder. The constant worry of a special needs child...oh..God...its hard. Now I know I could have it much worse...I know that. Kenny could be blind, in a wheel chair, on a vent still...or even dead! He is here...he is a miracle! He brightens up any room he walks into. His smile is catchy. He doesn't know that anything is wrong...I guess I should learn from my son...I have to learn from him.
On another note, another police officer died in the line of duty....that makes 2 in 2 heart and prayers go out to everyone that knew him...knew both of these sad.
Ok...and finally...the lunch bags for the day...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another fallen officer....

May God bless his family, friends, and coworkers. He was a police officer in my hometown of Cleveland Heights...he was the 2nd officer that died in the line of duty in the last 3 years.

Tony made a memorial sign for him...just like he has done in the past for the other officers that have died protecting us.


Happy Birthday to my daddy! Thank you for giving me life and for being such a wonderful dad and role model! I love you with all my heart and soul! Happy Monday everyone! Its been a looooong week/weekend for us here at the Tomecko house. Tony has been swamped with jobs and if that isn't bad enough, Kenny AND Gina get sick. The breathing treatments around the clock, coughing, throwing up (mostly in our bed...from Kenny), runny noses that never end, mixed with fevers and we are thinking, another ear infection...courtesy of Gina. Which brings me to the point where I am at now...EXTREMELY SLEEP DEPRIVED! LOL...yes...that would be me (raising my hand). So far, so good on the "no hospital stay" for Kenny...I am hoping that we are past the point of anything like that for this round of sickness. Again, Tony and I had to double duty everything...he had the older kids at the fish fry Friday night, took Tony to go to his camp out with the boy scouts Saturday morning and Sunday, he took them to Church and then a pancake breakfast...all the taking care of two sickies...BLAH!

On another note...I promised my Facebook friends that I'd post this here on my blog... My hubby does the cutest things for the kids...he is an awesome dad...well...just great guy over this is what he does for the kids...every morning. He makes them lunches...he WANTS to! I actually got yelled at for making lunches one night! It's HIS I am just letting him do what he wants to do....

Every day it's something different!!!!

We also got Kenny's hair cut. I really liked the skater dude look, but it was time...and it will grow out again ;) !

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We have a word!!!!!

I just have to share this...I am so excited! The hearing aids are working for my little miracle baby! He was sitting in the living room with the other kids yesterday, and Taylor comes running to get me (I was in the basement throwing a load of laundry in)...She was saying that she thought it was Gina saying MAMA over and over again...but she looked and it was Kenny!!!! He has learned a new sound! WOOO HOOOO! AND ITS MAMA!!! Oh yes...of course I started to cry! Now...honestly...I don't know if he knows that the sound he is making means ME...MAMA...but, he is still forming the sound and SAYING IT! Something more than UUUUGGG or AAAAAAH! I will try to get it on video to show you all!
I'm telling you...things are starting to pick up around here...ok, Kenny is getting sick again...coughing like mad, horribly runny nose...but...I've been sitting on the ground all day...trying to keep Kenny from banging his head and throwing his screaming fits...its working...sort of...I've got my hands full with him. Buuuut he is here, and I am so proud of him and what he does!
My husband has also gotten much busier in this last week...its a good thing! I am looking at my calendar and I barely have any appts for Kenny...why you ask? Well...lets see...he's has been sick pretty much from November to now...the speech therapy has halted his appts because of missed appts...which...I've called EVERY TIME...but I understand where they're coming bugs me. We have had excuses every stays, horrible viruses...what was I to do...take him while he was very sick? PT/OT...same thing.
You know...I am in a double da## situation here...He NEEDS the therapies but how can he get them if he is sick all the time? I hate this house...I swear...this house is just making him sicker and sicker! We all use Germ-X all the just does no good! Anyhow, back to "its a good thing that my hubby is working so much"...I at least, don't have to go to the hospital or dr. appts (knock on wood)...and he doesn't have to help...he can just put all his heart and soul into his signs and banners! And on that note...yep...its that time of year again where the snow is melting and the old garage his wonderful shop is flooding again. (come on EMHE...where are you when we need you)

So there you have it...things are looking up (sort of) for us...I say this lightly because I don't want to ruin it for us...I don't want to get excited or happy because whenever I am truly happy or excited about comes crashing down around me...seriously... every single time in my life pretty I have learned to only get a little happy and a little excited...but nothing more.
I would like to add that if anyone would like to walk or donate to the March Of Dimes...we will be walking at the end of April...for ALL of our kids and in memory of Nicky! We would love for you to be part of our TEAM TOMECKO and raise money so that one day every baby will be born healthy!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ahhhh...the adventures of a big family!

Tony and I decided that we were going to go grocery shopping last night ( around 6-ish)....with all the kids. What an adventure in itself! Let me tell you...I don't know how those Duggars do it...I really don't! Ok...picture this...first off...Tony and Taylor...fighting in the car Tomecko Bus. A can of Pepsi (open) gets poured out on Tony's leg...he smacks her across her head...all heck is breaking out in the driveway(of someone else's house)...all the while...Tony and I are saying our goodbyes inside at a baby shower for our neighbor! We go out to find them fighting like crazy lunatics and tell them that that is enough (yeah...right). Now...mind the shower, everyone was complimenting me on how well behaved my kids were and how beautiful my family was...Baaahaaahaaa! So...what happened?!!! AGH!!! At least they waited till they were OUTSIDE of the house!
Then we told them that we were going grocery shopping..oh joy!
As we pulled into our parking spot...the stares started. A car went past us (window open) with 4 people in it...the person in the back was counting all of us...very, my husband saved her the trouble and yelled out to her...SEVEN...SEVEN KIDS AND TWO ADULTS! Oh my God...did he just say that to her? Why yes...yes he did! So as we go in...we get the "awwwe, are so blessed with your large family"...that would be from the old people! And from the younger ones...LOL...there are eye rolls, mumbling under their breath, and comments like, "how do you do it" or "you're nuts". It's like this everywhere we go! LOL!!!
Soooo....anyhow...we're shopping....little Tony keeps hounding us about going to Game Stop...Sydnie was crabbing out about the shoes that she wanted at Walmart then she had to go to the bathroom....Kayleigh was laying in the back of the shopping cart with me throwing the food on top of her (not really..but she wouldn't get up). Then we have Kenny throwing his bottle at people...he wanted it (to drink)...took a few sips...and flung it at anyone in a 3 ft. radius! Thank goodness that Tony had him in his cart. I had Gina in mine (with Kay in the back). I don't know who had the worse cart...Tony or I? I soon found out that I had the cart from HE##!!! Gina decided to take the sucker that Kayleigh was sucking on...Kayleigh decided that she wanted it back...which caused 2 little (and very sticky) girls to start crying and the middle of the frozen food section! There you get me pushing a full shopping cart, Kayleigh climbing out of the back of the cart to escape her baby sister who was pulling her hair with very sticky hands...Gina screaming a blood curdling scream that is worse than any horror covering her sticky, filthy mouth with my hand, trying to muffle this horror that daughter! I was getting the looks...oh yeah. Moments like this I wonder what was I thinking having more than...ONE! Tony was off getting the diapers and I was stuck know where! In between the muffled sound of screams which I know Tony...and everyone else in the entire store heard, I was happy to hear I found out that Tony was having his own "moment". Strolling through the isles to get to the loud AHHHHH's and UUUUUUUH's...I see Tony with Kenny....DARN...he was just happy and making loud happy sounds...Oh well...So, I indeed had the bad cart!

We decided that we had enough torture for the evening and got into the checkout line. Tony with one cart completely filled with Kenny in the front...I behind him with another filled cart and a screaming Gina...LOVELY...then we have the cashier...a 20-something yr. old that thought he was "it" (tight grey tag strategically placed NOT where it is supposed to be, but on his collar...I guess he thought he was too good for that tag!). Hitting on the single mom two people ahead of us...they were totally carrying on a conversation that was meant to be at a dance club or something...not in a checkout line of a grocery store...I just laughed because it was so comical...there once was a time where I'd be thinking...that's problem...but with 7 kids all acting up, two shopping carts full and I was at my limit, I really felt like I was about to just tell them...get a freakin room or exchange numbers already! LOL!

They said their goodbyes and it was our turn, finally! I swear, the poor cashier thought he was a bartender or something....not a, talk, talk, talk, talk...and not to us, but to the cashier next to him! We couldn't get out of there soon enough! Oh...did I mention, he screwed up something on the register, so Tony had to go to customer service to redo the whole thing...It wouldn't take the debit card because he hit the wrong button! I think after last night he may have to rethink what he wanted to do with his life...because a cashier...he was not! LOL!

We finally got home, got the groceries all put away and the kids fed at 8:30 at night...yeah...kinda a late dinner of mac & cheese! We got the kids all put to bed, gave Kenny all his meds...Tony went to work and I went to sleep.

I just had to write about this because this is usually how it is...the looks, the comments...but you know what? We wouldn't want it any other way...its crazy that we have so many kids, but its also very fun and exciting. Seeing these kids that we created, grow up with their own personalities, likes and makes the bad days...the days I look back on...seem well worth it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday...what a day

Gina and Kenny giving each other a kiss

What a Friday it was! Days like yesterday...I am so glad that Tony works from home. Here is a breakdown of what I had to do...lets starts off like every other morning...usually up from about 4 in the morning...Kenny coughing and Gina snoring doesn't Get a few quiet moments to myself to get on the computer...God I love technology! Then I wake the kids up and get them ready for school (chore in itself). Breakfast made...check, book bags and lunches packed...check. Oh...wait..."where's my other shoe?"...WHAT? Its 5 after 8...the car is running and we have to leave! Searching...searching...FOUND IT! OK...back on track...pile 4 kids in the car bus, Tony (hubby) still sleeping in our room with Kenny and Gina...oh and also Kayleigh (she decided to crawl into our bed sometime in the middle of the night)...and we are off!

After dropping them off, I came home...woke up Tony and the little ones to take Kenny to developmental school. After that, we went to meet with the public school system to get Kenny enrolled in their preschool program for Kenny. Since he will be turning 3 in May, the Help Me Grow program will end and the city will take over with his special needs...ALL NEW EXPERIENCE here for us. We will be developing an IEP for him and work with his strengths and weaknesses. Again...I feel very lost. month, he will be seen by a bunch of people and they will evaluate what he needs are. Their job is to get him prepared for kindergarten. He will be going for 4 days a week, 2.5 hours a day...and I pray that when he does start...he doesn't get sick. His immune system is so bad, I am very worried about this.

The kids only had half a day because of teacher-parent conferences so off to picking them up. We went grocery shopping for us and for my in-laws. My MIL needs surgery on her rotator cuff...she tore it when she fell on we decided that they have helped us in the past, so lets surprise them and get the tons of groceries. :) They are good people with big hearts and to help them out...made us feel awesome!

We then were off to the a couple of them need to be more responsible and turn their work in on time...for the most part...they were great! To me, its expected. Tony and I have spent so much time with Kenny...being sick, in and out of the hospital, his "fits" and giving him his meds, really has taken a toll on everyone in this house...both physically and emotionally.

After the conferences, Tony dropped the Kenny, Gina and myself off at home and went to the fish fry at the church...Which, BTW, was a great turn out! At home, I had to try to keep Kenny from banging his head and screaming all evening, eat, meds and then 8:00 bedtime...what a difference from years ago when a Friday night would end at 3 in the morning!

I did take a very cute video of Kenny doing some of his signs that he knows how to do...and of course...Gina...the big shot that she is, was doing them right with Kenny and talking up a storm! LOL!

Don't mind his shirt...he was drooling...a lot!

We had a rough night last night...Kenny was up all night crying and drinking ohh...about 20 oz. of pediasure...yeah...I was up all night! The heck with newborns...just have a Kenny! LOL! He was coughing as well..but no throw up...thank God!

This morning...he woke up banging his head and crying...we finally got him settled off to his breathing treatment and meds!
Have a great day everyone...enjoy it to the fullest...make new friends, connect with old ones...MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We went to Kenny's Comprehensive Care yesterday. Everything is looking pretty good. He hasn't gained any weight since last we are now on even more duo-cal in ALL bottles AND everything he eats and we have to bring him back in two weeks to get weighed. Hopefully he will have gained some weight. See...the thing is...there is only so much he WANTS to eat and WILL eat...If I force feed him, he will throw up...yet they want him to drink 4oz of Pediasure every 2 hours AND eat at least 1-2 jars of baby food per feeding...with snacking inbetween. I can tell you right now...not gonna happen...*sigh*.

His lungs sound great but we have to keep up on the Pulmicort 2x a day along with his Pepcid and Singular at night, and his Trileptal 2x a poor kid...I know it could be worse...but man...this is tough.
They also put him on an antibiotic for his coughing at night...we are thinking that it is from post nasal drip from maybe a sinus we will see...hopefully this will help the coughing and puking.

We mentioned the headbanging as well...the doc seems to think that it could possibly be a behavior which she is placing a call to a specialist for us. We are not ruling anything out. She has seen a lot of micro preemies with behavior problems because of unable to communicate what they want/need...she sees a lot of this in kids with hearing loss, blindness and unable to speak...yeah...its Kenny. So heart is broken. I feel like a failure as a mom. I want to help him but I don't know what to do. I cant hold him all day long. I cant do things for him...he has to learn to do be a kid...I want him to be independent.

Today is another busy day...we go back to Metro for Kenny's Pulmonologist appt. I am sure that they will say he is fine...his pulse ox was 97 today...with no congestion/wheezing...YAY its about time!

On the other hand...Gina will be going back to the doc today as well...her lungs sound gunky with snots and VERY crabby...I'm thinking...another ear infection...which brings the total to...well...WAY TOO MANY! LOL! I think it will be time for tubes in the ears...for her sake and ours! The poor thing is up all night long...crying and just fussy...not good when she is 2 feet from my bed. lol

Oh...and to make me hubby surprised me with a cute sign that he put on the deck. See...Leo (our squirrel that I raised) left and never came back...and that's OK...I raised him and let him go to do what he was supposed to a squirrel. Since the release, the kids love all the squirrels that come around. Whenever I go to the store, I have to buy squirrel food...aaaaaand I put it right on the deck by the patio door...aaaaaand these squirrels come right up to the door to eat. I have even hand fed one. husband thinks I'm a nut (lmbo) and put this sign up. Gotta love a sign maker for a hubby!

One thing is for sure...we don't have much, but, what we do have...we are rich,laughs, family, friends and faith!