Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday...what a day

Gina and Kenny giving each other a kiss

What a Friday it was! Days like yesterday...I am so glad that Tony works from home. Here is a breakdown of what I had to do...lets starts off like every other morning...usually up from about 4 in the morning...Kenny coughing and Gina snoring doesn't Get a few quiet moments to myself to get on the computer...God I love technology! Then I wake the kids up and get them ready for school (chore in itself). Breakfast made...check, book bags and lunches packed...check. Oh...wait..."where's my other shoe?"...WHAT? Its 5 after 8...the car is running and we have to leave! Searching...searching...FOUND IT! OK...back on track...pile 4 kids in the car bus, Tony (hubby) still sleeping in our room with Kenny and Gina...oh and also Kayleigh (she decided to crawl into our bed sometime in the middle of the night)...and we are off!

After dropping them off, I came home...woke up Tony and the little ones to take Kenny to developmental school. After that, we went to meet with the public school system to get Kenny enrolled in their preschool program for Kenny. Since he will be turning 3 in May, the Help Me Grow program will end and the city will take over with his special needs...ALL NEW EXPERIENCE here for us. We will be developing an IEP for him and work with his strengths and weaknesses. Again...I feel very lost. month, he will be seen by a bunch of people and they will evaluate what he needs are. Their job is to get him prepared for kindergarten. He will be going for 4 days a week, 2.5 hours a day...and I pray that when he does start...he doesn't get sick. His immune system is so bad, I am very worried about this.

The kids only had half a day because of teacher-parent conferences so off to picking them up. We went grocery shopping for us and for my in-laws. My MIL needs surgery on her rotator cuff...she tore it when she fell on we decided that they have helped us in the past, so lets surprise them and get the tons of groceries. :) They are good people with big hearts and to help them out...made us feel awesome!

We then were off to the a couple of them need to be more responsible and turn their work in on time...for the most part...they were great! To me, its expected. Tony and I have spent so much time with Kenny...being sick, in and out of the hospital, his "fits" and giving him his meds, really has taken a toll on everyone in this house...both physically and emotionally.

After the conferences, Tony dropped the Kenny, Gina and myself off at home and went to the fish fry at the church...Which, BTW, was a great turn out! At home, I had to try to keep Kenny from banging his head and screaming all evening, eat, meds and then 8:00 bedtime...what a difference from years ago when a Friday night would end at 3 in the morning!

I did take a very cute video of Kenny doing some of his signs that he knows how to do...and of course...Gina...the big shot that she is, was doing them right with Kenny and talking up a storm! LOL!

Don't mind his shirt...he was drooling...a lot!

We had a rough night last night...Kenny was up all night crying and drinking ohh...about 20 oz. of pediasure...yeah...I was up all night! The heck with newborns...just have a Kenny! LOL! He was coughing as well..but no throw up...thank God!

This morning...he woke up banging his head and crying...we finally got him settled off to his breathing treatment and meds!
Have a great day everyone...enjoy it to the fullest...make new friends, connect with old ones...MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT!


Anonymous said...

I love the video! I've been following your story and it's amazing how far little Kenny has come! :)

Michele said...

Thank you very much. He really has come a very long way! It's a lot of hard work and love...and many, many days of crying that has gotten us to where we are today. Thank you very much for following. I have this blog going to show everyone what it is like to have a micro preemie AND a large just automatically get better when you walk out of the NICU. Kenny is a little fighter! ;)