Monday, March 8, 2010

Ahhhh...the adventures of a big family!

Tony and I decided that we were going to go grocery shopping last night ( around 6-ish)....with all the kids. What an adventure in itself! Let me tell you...I don't know how those Duggars do it...I really don't! Ok...picture this...first off...Tony and Taylor...fighting in the car Tomecko Bus. A can of Pepsi (open) gets poured out on Tony's leg...he smacks her across her head...all heck is breaking out in the driveway(of someone else's house)...all the while...Tony and I are saying our goodbyes inside at a baby shower for our neighbor! We go out to find them fighting like crazy lunatics and tell them that that is enough (yeah...right). Now...mind the shower, everyone was complimenting me on how well behaved my kids were and how beautiful my family was...Baaahaaahaaa! So...what happened?!!! AGH!!! At least they waited till they were OUTSIDE of the house!
Then we told them that we were going grocery shopping..oh joy!
As we pulled into our parking spot...the stares started. A car went past us (window open) with 4 people in it...the person in the back was counting all of us...very, my husband saved her the trouble and yelled out to her...SEVEN...SEVEN KIDS AND TWO ADULTS! Oh my God...did he just say that to her? Why yes...yes he did! So as we go in...we get the "awwwe, are so blessed with your large family"...that would be from the old people! And from the younger ones...LOL...there are eye rolls, mumbling under their breath, and comments like, "how do you do it" or "you're nuts". It's like this everywhere we go! LOL!!!
Soooo....anyhow...we're shopping....little Tony keeps hounding us about going to Game Stop...Sydnie was crabbing out about the shoes that she wanted at Walmart then she had to go to the bathroom....Kayleigh was laying in the back of the shopping cart with me throwing the food on top of her (not really..but she wouldn't get up). Then we have Kenny throwing his bottle at people...he wanted it (to drink)...took a few sips...and flung it at anyone in a 3 ft. radius! Thank goodness that Tony had him in his cart. I had Gina in mine (with Kay in the back). I don't know who had the worse cart...Tony or I? I soon found out that I had the cart from HE##!!! Gina decided to take the sucker that Kayleigh was sucking on...Kayleigh decided that she wanted it back...which caused 2 little (and very sticky) girls to start crying and the middle of the frozen food section! There you get me pushing a full shopping cart, Kayleigh climbing out of the back of the cart to escape her baby sister who was pulling her hair with very sticky hands...Gina screaming a blood curdling scream that is worse than any horror covering her sticky, filthy mouth with my hand, trying to muffle this horror that daughter! I was getting the looks...oh yeah. Moments like this I wonder what was I thinking having more than...ONE! Tony was off getting the diapers and I was stuck know where! In between the muffled sound of screams which I know Tony...and everyone else in the entire store heard, I was happy to hear I found out that Tony was having his own "moment". Strolling through the isles to get to the loud AHHHHH's and UUUUUUUH's...I see Tony with Kenny....DARN...he was just happy and making loud happy sounds...Oh well...So, I indeed had the bad cart!

We decided that we had enough torture for the evening and got into the checkout line. Tony with one cart completely filled with Kenny in the front...I behind him with another filled cart and a screaming Gina...LOVELY...then we have the cashier...a 20-something yr. old that thought he was "it" (tight grey tag strategically placed NOT where it is supposed to be, but on his collar...I guess he thought he was too good for that tag!). Hitting on the single mom two people ahead of us...they were totally carrying on a conversation that was meant to be at a dance club or something...not in a checkout line of a grocery store...I just laughed because it was so comical...there once was a time where I'd be thinking...that's problem...but with 7 kids all acting up, two shopping carts full and I was at my limit, I really felt like I was about to just tell them...get a freakin room or exchange numbers already! LOL!

They said their goodbyes and it was our turn, finally! I swear, the poor cashier thought he was a bartender or something....not a, talk, talk, talk, talk...and not to us, but to the cashier next to him! We couldn't get out of there soon enough! Oh...did I mention, he screwed up something on the register, so Tony had to go to customer service to redo the whole thing...It wouldn't take the debit card because he hit the wrong button! I think after last night he may have to rethink what he wanted to do with his life...because a cashier...he was not! LOL!

We finally got home, got the groceries all put away and the kids fed at 8:30 at night...yeah...kinda a late dinner of mac & cheese! We got the kids all put to bed, gave Kenny all his meds...Tony went to work and I went to sleep.

I just had to write about this because this is usually how it is...the looks, the comments...but you know what? We wouldn't want it any other way...its crazy that we have so many kids, but its also very fun and exciting. Seeing these kids that we created, grow up with their own personalities, likes and makes the bad days...the days I look back on...seem well worth it.

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Life's Happenings said...

Very cool, Michele! Our children is what life is all about, right?