Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Update On Life

We are proud parents to 8 children...(7 living and one angel)!
I had Gina on the 17th of July @ 36 weeks...the furthest I've ever been with a pregnancy! yeay me! LOL! The labor and birth were perfect. Gina is a little sweetie. She LOVES to sleep on anyone's chest...especially my DH's...oh he is gonna spoil her! LOL!!! She does poop A LOT! Just about every diaper change...and Isomil Advanced formula makes for a very STINKY poop! LMBO! She is up every 3-4 hours which is typical. Thank God I am still used to it from Kenny...who BTW is sleeping through the night now. I don't know what I would do if they BOTH were up all night long! It is harder than if I were to have had the twins, because Kenny is doing more things than her. More demanding and needs more attention, especially with his physical therapy. So my days consist of cleaning, feeding one or the other, changing diapers, physical therapy, and cooking. I really don't mind it. I guess that is what comes with having tons of kids. I just would love to get out of the of the house every once in a while.

Here is the birth story:
I went in to be induced, but I was already contracting. He checked me and I was 4-5 at about 10 p.m. (they were very busy in L & D that night. I was in the triage area from 7-10). Anyhow he told me that he didn't want to give me pitocin because of the previous 2 c-sections...I guess it could bring on too strong of contractions and rip open the old incisions...YUUUUUCK! So...he said that he wanted to break my water, but AFTER I had the epidural, because I go fast. Well...again...the anesthesiologist was in the O.R. till 2:00 am....so until that time, I was STILL just 4-5 dilated (I have to speed this story up, because the kids are driving me nuts!!!)2:00 - broke my water2:30 - got the epi (ahhhhh what a relief)4:00 - the contractions were starting to get strong, but I wasn't feeling any pain...just looking at the monitor!the nurse and student doctor checked me...I was a 65:15 - started getting sick to my stomach and shake...I knew I was getting to 10!!! I had the student doc check me and I was 7-8!5:30 - I felt some pressure in my butt...no pain though! I was shaking real bad and I KNEW I was complete...I told my nurse that someone better check me because I was feeling REALLY bad....she called the doctor in and the doctor checked and said I was a nine....wait....the rest of the cervix just went away...you are now a 10 and ready to push! I couldn't feel myself pushing and I knew I was pushing really wrong....I kept getting really frustrated because of it so my doc got the forceps and just used them to help get her head out. I was pushing for about 10 minutes and out she came. I didn't tear or anything! It was THE BEST birth experience ever! Totally made up for last year with the twins!

Kenny is doing pretty good. We are switching him over to pediasure because he needs to gain some weight (he is not quite 17 lbs.), and I guess it has 30 calories rather than the 24 that Neosure has per bottle. He is still not really sitting up on his own. If I sit with him on the floor, and hold his hips, he sits for about a half hour. Buuut he doesn't use his arms to hold himself up...and that is the problem. He needs to build up his arm muscles. He is not even crawling yet because of his arms. He still is on his forearms and not his hands. He is still on 1/8 liter of oxygen at night though, so that is a big step. We are working on Kenny eating some textured foods because he has a gag reflex to anything with small pieces. This is due to his breathing tube. So he gets half a cheerio in his mouth about 3-4 times a day...until he is comfortable with it...so far...he is so not! He does say mama, dada, aba (baba) though....oh he also says "yeah" when he is excited! LOL!

He is the love of my life and I am so blessed with him...we are just going to keep working on his physical and occupational therapy and get him where he needs to be, developmentally! I am kinda having a hard time with thinking of "what ifs"...you know...what if Nick was here. I would have my twins...which I always knew, in my heart that I would have one day... what would he be doing? How much fun it would be with two baby boys. *sigh* ...It must just be the postpartum kicking in.