Thursday, August 29, 2013

Six years in the making...err...uh..make that 15 years!

Today marks the day that after 15 years of having a child home...I am FREE! All the kids...yes, you years me right...all 7 kids are officially in No more 2 hour days..nope! The younger kids started last Thursday, my two high schoolers started Tuesday and Kenny started today! Am I sad? NOPE! I am nervous for Kenny because I'm the one that has been his primary caregiver throughout the day but now the teachers, the school has him for 6 hours. He will be in a class with other kids with multiple disabilities. I am sad at the fact that reality hit and I DO have a multiple special needs child. My new job is to make sure the school follows his IEP and help him with any issues that arise. So I'm holding my breath and letting go...which is very hard for me considering the fact that we almost lost him several times throughout his six years here on earth.
Gina? Well, I know she can hold her own. I am just a little sad that I missed these 5 years with her because of Kenny's needs. I am going to miss watching PBS kids and Nick Jr. with Gina, but I love the fact that she is making friends and has her older sisters with her at school.
My high schoolers? only hope for them is that they do awesome in school and are not overwhelmed with, school or grades. this day of celebration...15 years in the making....what am I going to do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (and worry about Kenny)!
I am feeling very proud right now.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another thoughtful Thursday (more produce stickers)!

This goes back to my never ending post of produce stickers. I must be the only household where I find them anywhere and everywhere! 
Perfect examples taken within the last few days:
Not to mention the one that's been stuck to my dining room floor for weeks because I'm trying to see if anyone but myself will scrape it one!!! 
Even with company coming over and visiting! I'm sure this darn sticker was like a neon sign blinking in the midnight darkness to anyone that has come to visit...for that...I'm sorry.
I'm so glad harvest time is right around the corner from us and I won't be finding many more of these hanging around. Heh...who am I kidding! There peaches today...but apples, oranges and even pomegranates...tomorrow (or...within the next few months). cats were hurt in taking the sticker off. I swear ;)

Kenny has a surprise for us...

Kenny came over to me with his bag. I thought he had it filled with his usual stuff...everything small in his toy box....only for him to show me this surprise he had in there!!!