Milestones For Micros

About us:
I am a mom of 8 children, 7 living. I had all my children early but not as early as my twins born in 2007. They were born at 23 weeks gestation (17 weeks early).
I started my Milestones for Micros when my surviving twin son turned one. It was a very bittersweet  day for me. I wanted something to tell the world what my son had been through...what we, as a family, had been through. I thought to know what, he really beat the odds...and that's where this all took off!
I needed something more in life than the "being a mom of a special needs/chronically ill, former micro preemie. I needed something more in life than dwelling over the death of my never forgotten angel, Nick. I found myself falling deeper and deeper into a lonely life of hospital stays, being a caregiver (on top of a mom to 7 kids), falling into Post Traumatic Stress over every sickness, every new diagnosis, every medication, every outing...just everything! I needed to know that my creativity and my past of being an artist wasn't worthless...that I am still a person who wants to give back.
For Kenny (and Nick's) first birthday, I decided to make him a shirt to tell the world that he really did beat the odds of survival...a 23 weeker has such a low survival rate (good example...Nick) that for him to come home from the NICU...was a HUGE accomplishment. Not to mention, celebrating his first birthday!
So every year since his first birthday, I have been making him a Milestone shirt! This year...the big "FIVE"!
After the huge response I got from his shirt that first year, I started making them for other preemies in the community and online...and from has been amazing!

Our Mission:
To give families with preemies, micro preemies and babies/children with chronic illness/condition something to be proud of for their miracles...beating the odds of survival! We will make and proudly distribute t-shirts with our "I beat the odds" followed by their stats of birth when they are being discharged from the NICU. We also make custom t-shirts with the above info along with custom colors, graphics and anything else to make them more personal...followed by "I'm ____ today" or "I'm ____"! To follow each of the milestone birthday celebrations!

General Information:
Please give me plenty of time between the orders and the date needed (at least a months notice).
The information I will need is:
Your Name
Your address
How early the baby was born (___weeks early/how many weeks gestation they were born)
How many pounds/ounces they weighed at birth
How long in the NICU
Also, the color scheme you would like (I can do almost anything including blending colors).
If there is a special graphic you want on the shirt (for instance...we've done butterflies, angels (if your surviving child had a twin that past away), toys, trucks, shoes, trains, cupcakes, tiaras...anything your heart desires...please don't hesitate to ask...I probably have something that will fit your needs!
The size shirt you will need.
Your child's name (if you want it on the shirt somewhere)
Keep in mind, we only use white cotton blend shirts. Eventually, we will be getting into dark shirts, but for now....white.

This is a free service done solely by myself...funded by myself and my husband. I do not ask for donations but if you would like to "pass a good deed on" please feel free to donate for the next shirt, for the next child wanting/needing a shirt.

Please e-mail me at If you have any questions.
or visit (and "LIKE" our Facebook page at:

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