Monday, September 1, 2014

Healthy and Happy Harvest

This is a few weeks late, but here goes....
Happy September 1st Everyone!
 A new month, a new season getting ready to honor us with its school has started!
This past week has been crazy busy with getting a routine down with new schools and new sleep schedules! After a summer of staying up and waking up even later...this whole school schedule has been really put through the test!
But I think it's finally coming together! Here is the annual first day of school picture. The first year, ever that the kids aren't dawning crisp white, blue or brown uniforms. It's public school for this bunch (followed by PSR classes). There are likes and dislikes to this year, but I'm sure we'll all get used to our new routine.
As the kids are at school, I've taken a day to can pickles!  
Decorating for fall is exactly what i invisioned this house to look like! there is still so much i would love to do, but life is hectic and i have to step back and decide from wants and needs. I've also finally found a place for my SpookyTown village that I've been collecting for years, with no place to set it up! Woot woot for fall and halloween...and especially this new amazing house

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