Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving eve projects

For 10 years this door handle has been broken...

no lock and a big hole that we had to cover with duct tape (don't judge). We finally just got a universal door handle that we didn't even think would fit (thanks to the door specialist at Home Depot telling us years ago that we could only special order one that fits exact...which would cost us at least $100).

 Well...I decided to put my subscription to Family Handyman to good use (again), and attempt to make this door easy to open and close...and lock for the family that so graciously bought our house of 18 years from us in our bid to move to something a little more fitting for a family of 9 (living). And guess what? Heehee...I did an AWESOME job!

It locks and everything! Yay me!
So...that puts another thing under my belt of things that I now know how to do. 
A few weeks ago, I decided to try and replace the cracked floor tiles in attempt to make the house just that much more appealing to perspective buyers...and sure as there is always a tomorrow, a today and turned out pretty nice. 
I even painted the basement from walls to floor!
I plan on taking on many new projects in our new home!!!! to baking chocolate and pumpkin pies and start the bread cutting for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To my friends and family....

To all of my family and friends...yes, even those who I know have hid me on Facebook ;) , I've been exceptionally busy trying my hardest to fix up (paint, clean, declutter, fix walls, doors, floors, and pack) our home of 18 years to sell so we can get a home tony and I fell in love with. To give our kids and ourselves some extra room (or just room in general), a better life, and just want to take that next step out of our comfort zone...because that is what I heard you're supposed to do...always go beyond your comfort zone, right? My husband has been working very long, hard hours as well. Not because we are desperate for money, but because he's good at what he does and the work is pouring in...a Godsend and a curse at the same time...a curse, only because he is swamped with work and  I can help him because I'm busy working on the house stuff and kids.
Anyhow...we are doing this all on our own and trying our best to still live life. I'm apologizing now for not being very attentive to my family and my friends...sorry for the lack of calls, small talk, Facebook  responses, and what seems like ignoring or disinterest by me...I don't mean it at all. We have a lot on our plates and we really want to make this happen. I promise that after this is all said and done, I will be a better friend, sister, daughter, aunt, acquaintance...person. So if I seem scatterbrained and aloof to you...please's not you, it's the's me, and I am truly sorry. I want to meet my friends for coffee or just sit and talk. I want to talk on the phone but between the house and the kids...eeeek..  Getting a house full of 18 years of memories...
...and 7 kids...
is really difficult...but extremely exciting! So please keep this house sale, tony, the kids and myself in your prayers and the purchase of our house we want even more in your prayers...
and pray its not a money pit...haahaa...worst.fear.ever! Pray we're doing the right thing!!! We are leaving it in Gods hands and I truly feel this is the right thing and it's meant to be!
Love you all and again...sorry for not being up to par with you all. I'm struggling with guilt from it...big time.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

We're actually doing it!

It was a spur of the moment thing...but not really. We've been keeping an eye on the real estate in the area...hoping one day we'd find something that fit our family and our needs. Well...we finally found "the one"!

It's a foreclosed house in the area we love...and need! The schools there, the police and city hall are on the same street...actually they would be our neighbors. The rec center is across the street, and the fire dept. is down the street (just in case we need them for Kenny! The price is perfect, the size is perfect...the kids would have their own rooms...and so would Tony and I! It's the layout we both have been searching for and the yard is great and fenced in!!!
The only thing standing in our way is our house. We NEED to sell our current home in order to be able to put an offer on our not so perfect, but perfect for us, dream home! So please share and tell anyone that wants to move in before the a wonderfully cared for and beloved family home, that will bring you many years of happiness and memories, just as it did for our family! Our home (for sale) has a newer complete furnace and hot water tank (last year), newer roof, newer custom kitchen with all appliances and garbage disposal, new carpet (were installing this week), every room painted to today's colors, two gas ready fireplaces, a fenced in yard with an amazingly deep park like backyard with beautiful wildlife and serenity, a huge deck to have awesome parties. 5010 snow road has a look and charm that will be perfect for anyone who needs 3 bedrooms, a rec room, dining room and a living room perfect for the holidays! Set up a time to come see this house! Eager to sell so we can make an offer on a house that needs the same TLC as this house did when Tony and I started our married life together. It was a diamond in the rough that we perfected...and now it's time to start a new chapter, and a make new memories in a new place to call home!