Saturday, August 25, 2007

My due date

today was my due date.
I know I never made it to my due date, but the day is still here. I think I will go visit Nick at the cemetary and then Kenny at the hospital. I cant believe that it has been 17 weeks since my boys were born! If you think about it...that is SOOOOOOOOOOOO early! It is such a miracle that Kenny is still here and that Nick lived for as long as he did (a short 2 days). Wow! I am so thankful today that I have my little Kenny!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

School started...and Kenny is doing well

Havent written in quite a while...busy, busy, busy! Last Friday we had a High School Musical party...complete with lots of kids and plenty of noise. We all had so much fun!

Well...first day back to school....can you say...WOO HOO!!!! Tony is in the 4th grade, Taylor in the 3rd grade and Morgan is in the 1st grade. The kids wont be home for 6 hours a day during the week!! YEEEEESSSSS!!!! No more breaking up fights all day long, waiting on them, cleaning up after, none of that! Yippee! I have Sydnie and Kayleigh and they LOOOOVE to relax and just take it easy! I can get some cleaning and laundry done! Oh my...did I just say that! LOL!

Kenny is doing pretty good. He pulled the feeding tube out was back in today. He was wearing a cute little outfit that his Nana and Papa got him when I went there today.
I just love and miss him so much. I really wish I could be visiting both Kenny and Nick in the step down in the NICU. I wish this hurt in my heart would go away. It's kinda a bittersweet situation going on. One hand, I thank God everyday for giving me Kenny yet on the other, I am so mad that He took my other baby from me so soon. I so wish I could be sitting here, writing about both boys and their growth and accomplishments. I just have to keep having faith in knowing that Nick went to heaven so soon, for a reason. I may not know it, but he and God does. He is truly Kenny's guardian angel. Even the nurses are so amazed that he has had no brain bleeds. It is almost not even heard of with such an early preemie. So my little angel is really looking after his twin brother.