Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving eve projects

For 10 years this door handle has been broken...

no lock and a big hole that we had to cover with duct tape (don't judge). We finally just got a universal door handle that we didn't even think would fit (thanks to the door specialist at Home Depot telling us years ago that we could only special order one that fits exact...which would cost us at least $100).

 Well...I decided to put my subscription to Family Handyman to good use (again), and attempt to make this door easy to open and close...and lock for the family that so graciously bought our house of 18 years from us in our bid to move to something a little more fitting for a family of 9 (living). And guess what? Heehee...I did an AWESOME job!

It locks and everything! Yay me!
So...that puts another thing under my belt of things that I now know how to do. 
A few weeks ago, I decided to try and replace the cracked floor tiles in attempt to make the house just that much more appealing to perspective buyers...and sure as there is always a tomorrow, a today and turned out pretty nice. 
I even painted the basement from walls to floor!
I plan on taking on many new projects in our new home!!!! to baking chocolate and pumpkin pies and start the bread cutting for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast!

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