Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another thoughtful Thursday (more produce stickers)!

This goes back to my never ending post of produce stickers. I must be the only household where I find them anywhere and everywhere! 
Perfect examples taken within the last few days:
Not to mention the one that's been stuck to my dining room floor for weeks because I'm trying to see if anyone but myself will scrape it one!!! 
Even with company coming over and visiting! I'm sure this darn sticker was like a neon sign blinking in the midnight darkness to anyone that has come to visit...for that...I'm sorry.
I'm so glad harvest time is right around the corner from us and I won't be finding many more of these hanging around. Heh...who am I kidding! There peaches today...but apples, oranges and even pomegranates...tomorrow (or...within the next few months). cats were hurt in taking the sticker off. I swear ;)

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