Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We went to Kenny's Comprehensive Care yesterday. Everything is looking pretty good. He hasn't gained any weight since last month...so we are now on even more duo-cal in ALL bottles AND everything he eats and we have to bring him back in two weeks to get weighed. Hopefully he will have gained some weight. See...the thing is...there is only so much he WANTS to eat and WILL eat...If I force feed him, he will throw up...yet they want him to drink 4oz of Pediasure every 2 hours AND eat at least 1-2 jars of baby food per feeding...with snacking inbetween. I can tell you right now...not gonna happen...*sigh*.

His lungs sound great but we have to keep up on the Pulmicort 2x a day along with his Pepcid and Singular at night, and his Trileptal 2x a day...my poor kid...I know it could be worse...but man...this is tough.
They also put him on an antibiotic for his coughing at night...we are thinking that it is from post nasal drip from maybe a sinus infection...so we will see...hopefully this will help the coughing and puking.

We mentioned the headbanging as well...the doc seems to think that it could possibly be a behavior problem...in which she is placing a call to a specialist for us. We are not ruling anything out. She has seen a lot of micro preemies with behavior problems because of unable to communicate what they want/need...she sees a lot of this in kids with hearing loss, blindness and unable to speak...yeah...its Kenny. So again...my heart is broken. I feel like a failure as a mom. I want to help him but I don't know what to do. I cant hold him all day long. I cant do things for him...he has to learn to do things...to be a kid...I want him to be independent.

Today is another busy day...we go back to Metro for Kenny's Pulmonologist appt. I am sure that they will say he is fine...his pulse ox was 97 today...with no congestion/wheezing...YAY its about time!

On the other hand...Gina will be going back to the doc today as well...her lungs sound gunky with snots and VERY crabby...I'm thinking...another ear infection...which brings the total to...well...WAY TOO MANY! LOL! I think it will be time for tubes in the ears...for her sake and ours! The poor thing is up all night long...crying and just fussy...not good when she is 2 feet from my bed. lol

Oh...and to make me smile...my hubby surprised me with a cute sign that he put on the deck. See...Leo (our squirrel that I raised) left and never came back...and that's OK...I raised him and let him go to do what he was supposed to do...be a squirrel. Since the release, the kids love all the squirrels that come around. Whenever I go to the store, I have to buy squirrel food...aaaaaand I put it right on the deck by the patio door...aaaaaand these squirrels come right up to the door to eat. I have even hand fed one. So...my husband thinks I'm a nut (lmbo) and put this sign up. Gotta love a sign maker for a hubby!

One thing is for sure...we don't have much, but, what we do have...we are rich in...love,laughs, family, friends and faith!


Anonymous said...

That sign is so adorable! Your husband sounds fantastic.

Michele said...

Thanks. He really is. ;)