Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a winter its been

Well here it is...Sunday. We are snowed in yet again! It has been snowing since Friday...the kids had a snow day so it was a nice long weekend for them...a little too long for me though...LOL! If I have to hear another "I'm bored"...I think I will scream! LOL!!!

We have all been seems like the sickness just doesn't want to leave!
I HATE the (sorry tmi) poop, puke, and snots!!! I have washed more laundry these last 3 months more than ever! Kenny is constantly coughing(and puking from it)...and since he sleeps in our bed (head banging and health reasons), our sheets and pillows have been washed every night!
Oh and to top it all off...since Kenny has been sick...I mean, really sick...he hasn't been able to get to his speech therapy. I've called them every week for the past 4 weeks to tell them that he's been sick...well...I got a letter from the director saying that his therapy has been terminated because of too many missed appointments! WTHeck?!?!?!
I cant help it that he has been in the hospital then home with fevers, upper respiratory problems, stomach and intestinal (puke and poop) problems...etc...I knew this was gonna happen...I just knew it! I take him to school, the next week, he gets sick...I take him to the doctor, the next week, he's sick...The poor kid is ALWAYS SICK! How is he gonna get the special help he needs if he is always sick? *sigh*!
Anyhow...this is the dilemma now...I think I will call Monday and plea my case and see what happens...if anything, I will have to wait until springtime when most of the sickness is over with and I can open the windows to this germ infested house! I dunno. Is there any other micro preemie moms that are experiencing the same problems?
Please say I'm not alone.

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