Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Shoes" a poem by me

Some days it seems life is very hard
to try to walk that extra yard.

Not knowing what tomorrow will bring
we must have faith in our God, our King.
Every day is something new
would it be better in another's shoe?

The sleepless nights of worry and fright
praying to God with all of our might.

The questions of why will always be
why did the twins come early for me?

From excited, determined, scared and sad
lets not forget the feeling of mad.

Seeing them both, so perfect yet small
wondering how they could survive if at all.

Their eyes still fused, the machines all working
who knew that death was waiting...just lurking.

That day was the worst, the saddest you see
How could this happen, losing our angel, our baby "twin B".

Always thinking of losing our perfect little Nick
but understanding and knowing that he was so sick.

He is with our family in Heaven, up above
feeling no pain, just all our love.

The smell, the look, the feel of him
I will keep in my heart...never to dim.

Kenny got stronger and healthier each day
came home months later from his birthday in May.

Since then he's been a trooper, resilient and strong
no match for the problems and all that is wrong.

My hero he is, for he's been through so much
being born so early with disabilities and such.

Odds against him, he fought and he won.
I am so proud to call him my son.

I have been so blessed with all my children you see
they all have been God sent from Heaven to me!

Our deep love for each other is how they were made
So much to give thanks for, these shoes I wont trade.


LouAnn Beemer said...

Michele, That was beautiful.

Unknown said...

Dear Michele,

I am a client of Tony's. I had a moment so I checked out your blog. May God bless your family and your personal strength which is an inspiration to us all. Your husband is a good, hardworking man and I have enjoyed working with him. Your website is a beautiful tribute to your family. I feel enriched from what I have seen. I feel with all my heart that God will always provide for you all and brighter skies are around the corner.

Najia Usman

Anonymous said...

That is just beautiful, Michele.

Michele said...

Thank you LouAnn

Michele said...

Thank you Najia for the kind words. Tony always talks about you and how great your office and facility look!