Monday, February 15, 2010

This and that

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We started the week off with Kenny being crabby. Its been every other day that he has been inconsolable. The screaming, the crying, and lets not forget the head banging! UGH! When he wakes up like this...he is like this for the whole day. On top of all that, we have the stomach flu here. He hasn't been in school lately because of being sick every week. He has his pulmonologist appt. today at 1:30 so we will know more on how his lungs are doing. On another note...

We had an asbestos remover come over and give us an estimate on where, how much, and how much it would be to remove the asbestos...first off, we have asbestos on all of our heater vents, in the basement on the furnace, in the plaster on the walls and also underneath the siding, surrounding the whole house....yeah..nice.
We also had a contractor come and tell us everything that is wrong with out house (boy, now I know why no one even looked at our house...glad we took it off the market). We have rotting wood everywhere, black mold in the basement and in Tony's shop, the floor beams are rotting and are bowed which is making the side walls of the house to push out. The electrical is old and outdated...and more. I didnt think so much was wrong with the is very deceiving...what just a little paint and caulk can do for a house...LOL! Anyhow, I am hoping that these are not the reasons why my kids have bad asthma and such. It sucks.
There is nothing we can do about it right now except live with it and just keep the faith

When life gets tough, I am your hiding place...I'll protect you from trouble, surrounding you with songs of deliverance...Give Me all your worries and watch Me sustain you and your family...No matter how bleak things may seem, I'll never let the righteous fall.

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