Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...another hosptal stay

I had this whole other post in draft mode yesterday, then we ended up taking Kenny to the hospital because his doctor wanted a weight check on him...it changed from this point on.

There is nothing more unsettling than waking up (after days weeks months of literally, no sleep) to the sound of Kenny throwing up...in our bed. What's worse, when it smells up the whole room...then he proceeds to throw up all over all the pillows, blankets, himself, the floor...yep...it was not a fun night at the Tomecko house two days ago. There is no fever, no runny nose...nothing. Just the throwing up at night.

Two days ago, Kenny ate 1 1/2 jars of stage 3 baby food for dinner. I was so excited! He was eating really well for me...for once...then...that is what he ended up throwing up! I find myself trying to force feed him because of this fear that he is going to die or get really really sick...and what does he do? He puked his guts up...I'm feeling real accomplished as a mom over here...let me tell you!

You know...I thought I knew everything there was to know about kids....I am clueless with Kenny. When I think I finally have things under control...BAM...something else happens. Its all the time! Its hard...hard work, Hard emotionally, physically and mentally draining!

We took him to in for his appt...weighed him...now, mind you...he has had a very poor appetite for me...I've been putting Duocal in everything he is eating...
weighed him...and he lost 2 oz from last week! We talked with the doctor she decided that he needs to be in the hospital. They didn't want him to get dehydrated or have his heart weaken...which would happen if he continued to not eat or drink. They are going to be running a bunch of tests on him...including a barium swallow study.

Its pretty funny how the nurses on 4c know little Kenny already...what a little lady's man! When I called over there last night, he was sitting at the nurses station with them!

I feel so torn as a mommy. I need to be with Kenny at the hospital...I hate leaving him to come home...but I have to. I have 6 other kids that need me too. Tony needs to work to pay the bills, and I cant be two places at once. My heart is broken...just adds to the raw emotions that have plagued me for a few years now. I talked to a good friend of mine who told me to take 5 minutes and regroup...this is what is going to make me stronger...I am going to fight for my little guy and give him the best possible chance he has. He is a fighter my hero and I wont give up (even though I could climb into bed and stay there for weeks...lol). My friend is right. I cant let this get me down. I cant let these monthly hospital stays get to me. I am a strong (50% Italian/50% polish) person. Kenny is a miracle! Thank you for having faith in me and giving me the pep talk.

And finally...we had Morgan's birthday party on Sunday. Here are some picture:
Signs by Tony...

The Birthday girl (a month late!)...Singing Happy Birthday....The best part of the cake....licking the frosting off the candles!!!!Entertainment from her brother Tony and cousin Dominic...Mommy (me) and all my daughters...Daddy and the birthday girl...

Please keep Kenny in your prayer. Thank you.

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