Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kenny is still in the hospital....

He has been there since Tuesday. He will be there at least til Monday because they are going to do a few more tests on him as to why he's not eating. It is either psychological or there is something that is not allowing him to eat solids....the tests will tell us one way or the other. He is having some more testing done Monday morning, so hopefully after that he will be home.

I am so tired. I am completely drained of everything that is me. Its just one thing after another with our Kenny. He is such a strong little boy, I really wish I was more like him...I am putting up a pretty good fight, but it has been a very, very hard and trying 3 years. I find myself questioning why...almost daily. We have been blessed with 8 beautiful children...when the doctors were even amazed that I would be able to carry 1, especially with a bicornuate uterus....and! But the heartache, the stress, the guilt, the hospital stays, the meds, the frustration and the's all very overwhelming. I am trying to live day to day...but sometimes my mind goes into overdrive and sucks...that pretty much sums it up.
So this is going to be a short post.
Went to see Kenny this afternoon-evening...he was sleeping in a wagon behind the nurses station...they love him there!!! He seems to have all the nurses wrapped around his little finger!!! LOL! We walked around the unit...and around, and around....the kid was showing me everything! LOL! I miss him so took everything to not take him home with me!
Tomorrow is another day...another day of tests and crying.... from Kenny AND me.

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Tiffani said...

Michele, Still praying for you, little Kenny and your family! I know things are crazy for you right now. We are back to my daughter eating but not eating enough so her weight is on the downward. I am wondering what kind of tests they are running on Kenny and if I should look into this as well. They are back to talking g button with me and I have avoided it for 2 years now. She does have eating capabilities but her amounts are not enough. Anyway, hoping Kenny gets back home to you really soon and you get some answers! Take care!