Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We have a word!!!!!

I just have to share this...I am so excited! The hearing aids are working for my little miracle baby! He was sitting in the living room with the other kids yesterday, and Taylor comes running to get me (I was in the basement throwing a load of laundry in)...She was saying that she thought it was Gina saying MAMA over and over again...but she looked and it was Kenny!!!! He has learned a new sound! WOOO HOOOO! AND ITS MAMA!!! Oh yes...of course I started to cry! Now...honestly...I don't know if he knows that the sound he is making means ME...MAMA...but, he is still forming the sound and SAYING IT! Something more than UUUUGGG or AAAAAAH! I will try to get it on video to show you all!
I'm telling you...things are starting to pick up around here...ok, Kenny is getting sick again...coughing like mad, horribly runny nose...but...I've been sitting on the ground all day...trying to keep Kenny from banging his head and throwing his screaming fits...its working...sort of...I've got my hands full with him. Buuuut he is here, and I am so proud of him and what he does!
My husband has also gotten much busier in this last week...its a good thing! I am looking at my calendar and I barely have any appts for Kenny...why you ask? Well...lets see...he's has been sick pretty much from November to now...the speech therapy has halted his appts because of missed appts...which...I've called EVERY TIME...but I understand where they're coming bugs me. We have had excuses every stays, horrible viruses...what was I to do...take him while he was very sick? PT/OT...same thing.
You know...I am in a double da## situation here...He NEEDS the therapies but how can he get them if he is sick all the time? I hate this house...I swear...this house is just making him sicker and sicker! We all use Germ-X all the just does no good! Anyhow, back to "its a good thing that my hubby is working so much"...I at least, don't have to go to the hospital or dr. appts (knock on wood)...and he doesn't have to help...he can just put all his heart and soul into his signs and banners! And on that note...yep...its that time of year again where the snow is melting and the old garage his wonderful shop is flooding again. (come on EMHE...where are you when we need you)

So there you have it...things are looking up (sort of) for us...I say this lightly because I don't want to ruin it for us...I don't want to get excited or happy because whenever I am truly happy or excited about comes crashing down around me...seriously... every single time in my life pretty I have learned to only get a little happy and a little excited...but nothing more.
I would like to add that if anyone would like to walk or donate to the March Of Dimes...we will be walking at the end of April...for ALL of our kids and in memory of Nicky! We would love for you to be part of our TEAM TOMECKO and raise money so that one day every baby will be born healthy!


Life's Happenings said...

Kenny is so amazing. I am sure his development is like watching a miracle unfold. Keep up the great work!

Tim said...

That is such great news Michele! We continue to pray for these kind of breakthrus for him everyday.

Love and Prayers,