Monday, January 6, 2014

I wish it wasn't just a dream

In a move that was supposed to make our new, we are now stuck and even more in debt.
I dreamt that PNC bank along with the realtor selling the house we were buying sent an email telling us that we were getting a three month extension and if we get into the house within the three months...then out realtor gets double commission. And then I woke up.
In reality, we lost it all. The sale of our house, the dream and prospect of the house we were a week away from moving into, and the money we put into both houses. It was too good to be real. Everything was going fairly smooth with the sale of our house until the bank turned the buyer down. He found a mortgage company that would do his loan for him, but he chose not to go with them. He broke his contract and there is nothing we can do. We are heartbroken. This is not what we were expecting. I tried everything to try to get an extension for the house we put an offer on. Every road has turned into a dead end. And to add salt to the wound of losing the sale of our house, the purchase of our dream home and all the money we put into both...the release that was sent over to us was to give the earnest money back to the ex buyer. 
How is it that we signed contracts but they are meaningless. If we are interested in an empty, foreclosed home...why can't e bank that owns the home help us out...give us some time. I can't get over how fast this whole dream fell apart. We are now in a packed up house...because it doesn't feel like home anymore. I am sure people reading this are saying..."we'll at lease you have shelter over your heads", but it's the dream that was so close to being reality that we lost...and it hurts very bad.

So now that I've loathed in self pity...I vow I will not...I can't let this dream die. I need to get this dream back into reality mode. There should be something written, protecting a buyer of a house (while selling their own) from losing their dream when the buyer of their house decides they just wants to back out. We shouldn't be losing all of the money, time and planning that we put into our new home. My kids deserve better. This dream can't end...I still haven't finished fighting...I'm a mommy of an angel and a micro preemie who has a lot of issues...I won't quit (but I could use some help)!

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