Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yet another Kenny update

My little man is starting to be fed from a bottle! They started him off yesterday, with 10 cc's and he drank it like a champ! He had absolutely no d-sats or heart rate drops while being fed, which is wonderful! He is surprising even his nurses! So their plan of attack with him is, he will still be fed through the feeding tube every 3 hours, but once a day, he will have one bottle. YEAY!!! He is just learning, so they are going to take it slow.
The girls and I had girl day/night last night while Tony and little Tony went camping with the cub scouts. We did the typical girly girl stuff....go to McDonalds and play in the play area for 2 hours, go home and watch the Disney Channel, do nails, eat ice cream and camp out in the living room. Hey...we even stayed up till midnight! I AM BEAT!!!!
When Tony and Tony came home, I asked them to go to the hospital to see Kenny because I was WAY too tired and my (too much info) boob hurts from pumping. I I know why I never breast fed any of the other kids! ouch! LOL!!! Anyhow....They had some serious male bonding, the three guys...and we did girls!

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