Saturday, October 30, 2010

Please say a prayer for Kenny...

Last night,we were at a costume shop picking out our costumes for a costume/Halloween wedding for today (Saturday). We were looking forward to going as Snow White, Prince Charming and the seven dwarfs...when Kenny went into a seizure at the store. It wasn't as long as the last 2 he had, this one lasted about 10 minutes...probably a little longer but we were freaking out. We were far away from our house...and from his hospital we always take him to so we went to the closest one by ambulance. They ran blood work, took chest x-rays, gave him a breathing treatment and gave him Tylenol because he had a very high fever (again) of 104+ degrees and was coughing uncontrollably. So not only did he suffer from a seizure, he is very sick. They diagnosed him with RSV and transferred him over to his hospital (Metro) where they know him. He is comfortably resting tonight but it was very scary nonetheless. RSV in preemies is very dangerous...I guess even when they are 3, it doesn't get much easier, huh?

It just goes to show you that in our life, the life that was given to us, we cant make any definite plans. Our entire weekend was changed in a matter of a few seconds.

So not only am I facing having to take care of Kenny and his RSV and seizures but I get to go through a personal heartache *completely different than Kenny's...or at least try too.

Please keep Kenny in your prayers, he is a very sick little boy. This is going to be a very long fall/winter/spring for us.

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Shana said...

Kenny and your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong Michele and remember that God will not give you anything more than you can't handle. Kenny will come though this and so will you. Sending you lots of love and positive thoughts. Shana