Monday, October 4, 2010

A party for 3

Its been a couple of, where to begin...

We got a new fridge...its on the smaller side, but it was cheap and it does the job!

We took our frustration out on the old went off the side of the deck...with a bang! HAHA! We needed something for over the weekend because we celebrated 3 of the kids birthday on Sunday. Yep...great way to getting out of having 3 different parties. I just cant believe that our 1st born is going to be 13...a!
Here are the cakes...Sam's Club cakes are the very good and very inexpensive...we got 1 chocolate and one white...both with the whipped cream frosting!
singing Happy Birthday to the kids...4 of us sisters...
Little Tony, his cousin Dominic and Auntie Jackie...she got him a PlayStation 2 firefighter game...because...he really really wants to be a firefighter when he gets older!After a very long day, Kenny decided to fall asleep while getting one of his feeds... I just love having parties...I love cooking, hosting...just everything about parties. I am a little exhausted today though.

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