Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wondering what will be...Wednesday

So the Extreme excitement is past. The hype that these last 3 weeks have caused is over and done....wonder what will be?
What will the future have in store for our family? Isn't that what everyone wonders? I try not to think about this too much, you know...take it day by day, minute by minute. No one really knows what their future has in store...but, it is still a thought.

What will Kenny's eye surgery that he is going to be having on the 18th be like?

We already did the pre-admission now all we have is an appt. next week...then the surgery on both eyes on the 18th. Yes, I am a nervous wreck and I don't want my little guy to have to go through yet another operation. ugh.

What will happen if Gina gets into the Cool Whip container one more time? LOL

yes...I caught her red handed...or should I say, Cool Whip the tub of that fluffy white stuff...TWICE today!

I ended up having to duct tape the joke! This is only temporary until I can find one of those refrigerator locks. It's really getting bad now that we have a newer, smaller fridge with the freezer on easy access for the little ones to get whatever they want out of there...fruit, leftovers from the night before, the squeeze bottles of condiments...oh..and thawed out Cool Whip! ;)

Oh here's a good one...

I wonder how many uses of duct tape there are to keep kids out of things?

the refrigerator, cupboards, toilet lid lock, and over the buttons on the TV so the kids cant press them...just to name a few.

And finally...I wonder when this headache will be leaving my skull. I've been battling this dang thing for hours.

Calling it a night.
Until tomorrow...

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