Monday, October 4, 2010

Volunteering and Day 6...

Today marks day 6 of the build. When Tony and I went there to drop off the "Welcome Home Anderson Family" banner, we got to view the house up close! Very, very beautiful! The Anderson family will be overjoyed tomorrow for the reveal! I was almost in tears just looking at what they have done in just 6 short days! Oh yeah...tomorrow...the tears are going to flow!!!
Marous Brothers, EMHE and all the volunteers and donation companies have really made this build one of the best and fastest builds! They are actually going to be moving in all the furniture at 5 this evening! They were putting in the landscaping and doing the finishing touched on the inside of the house...they even had a window cleaning company there to clean all the windows!
One of the banners that Tony made is right across the street, in front of the house...we HAD to get a picture with it...LOL...we have officially become official volunteers today...

with prayers that they come back next year...for us *wink*!

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Tomorrow...the reveal...stay tuned!

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