Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kenny update...Happy Halloween

Whew, what a trying last few days. Kenny is feeling much better. He is still having a hard time with the oxygen saturation, but I really feel its because of his bad cough. He is on around-the -clock breathing treatments so that should do the trick. He is not coming home today like we were hoping. He has been throwing up and not tolerating his feeds at all, so they are starting him on Reglan and he will be seen by his nutritionist tomorrow. I also think they want him to be seen by his neurologist for the seizure as well. So, no trick or treating for him this year...which is fine, as long as he gets better.

Last night, Tony took the kids to the wedding that we were all supposed to go to. They put together last minute costumes that we had here from the previous years...and my creative hubby decided to go as "Crazy Banner Man"! He had the banner material, vinyl and mask so it was easy to put together...and it turned out pretty good!!!! See what you can do with short notice and some creativity?! LOL.
I am so glad Tony took the kids to the wedding. They needed to have some fun...especially after everything that has been going on. When they picked me up at the hospital late last night, they were all talking about how much fun they had. They were saying that it was so much better than a regular was actually fun! HAHA!! I really wish I could have gone, but Kenny needed me to be with him...and that was more than fine with me. The bride and groom who put on this really cool wedding
He was smiling and playing with me, so that's how I know he was starting to feel a little better. Please keep the prayers coming.

You know, I always thought that because his Synagis shots stopped when he was 2, that he was immune to the whole hype of how dangerous RSV is in preemies...boy was I wrong! I have learned that because he has chronic lung disease (BPD), that RSV will be a big problem (if he gets it) for a long time. So not only were we on "lock down" during the RSV season for the first few years of his life, it will continue for the next few years (at least). Time to buy stock in hand sanitizer and paper towels!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Please stay safe and remember the kids that are allergic or have certain foods/candies that they cant have....Smarties, Dum-Dums and Pixie Sticks are a perfect choice (thanks to my friend Jen who reminded me)!
tomorrow....the start of Christmas music listening! woo hoo!

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Nobodys Nothings said...

what a fun wedding to go to! i hope Kenny starts feeling better soon, poor guy.