Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

*OK, again I am breaking the "wordless code of ethics" on my know me, I write everything out! LOL So, here is my daughter Morgan (in the green shirt) and Kenny dancing (she taught him)...
p.s. she gets her moves from her mom *wink wink*

And some few randoms...
Never take anything for granted. You might have something one day, and the next...poof...its gone. Without warning, Without a thought. Or it might slip away slowly, agonizingly slow. Knowing that it will be gone, but unable to do anything to keep it. Having to go through the days with a smile on your face, acting like nothing is wrong. Nothing is happening, when in fact, the pain is so strong, intense...and the sadness is held deep within. Hold onto every good feeling, every precious moment, every smile, every season of change, every positive, because it's what makes life. Its what gets you through the spirals, the trials and the unimaginable moments in life.
I thank God everyday for my husband, kids (...yes, every last one of them), family and friends.

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