Thursday, October 14, 2010

never...part 2

This post is a follow-up to my last post....
I forgot to add just a little humor to it, so here it is...
I never thought that I'd have to duct tape EVERYTHING because of Frick and Frack (pictured below)!
I never thought I'd have to duct tape the utensil drawer because my son is obsessed with taking the silverware out and hiding (strategically placing) it everywhere!!!
Same with the dishwasher... I have also taped the oven door closed because Kenny loves the sound of slamming it open and shut (all day long)!

Oh...and the refrigerator. Yes, we had to buy a new one. One that is much (MUCH) smaller than our old one, but it just so happens to be the perfect height for Gina and Kenny to get into...I mean, really get into!!! Gina had already eaten leftovers, pickles, gotten into the ketchup, milk, salad...oh yeah...if they can reach it, they've gotten into it!
So this is my plan....duct tape everything and keep the makers and stock holders of Duct tape very happy...until Kenny and Gina are 30!

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