Thursday, September 30, 2010

Helping move that bus... we didn't get the home makeover and it kinda sucks (a whole lot)...buuuut...we do have the opportunity to help others, and that is exactly what we are doing!

We are doing banners for the Extreme Makeover site and while dropping off one of the banners, Tony got a job from the Extreme Makeover security! LOL. We did decided to donate the job to the family though.

This is Tony measuring the truck for the magnets he is making...again...another extremely nice head of security. We are very excited and happy to be helping out. We figured we're not gonna sit around and mope about it...we are gonna help...and that is exactly what we are doing.
This is one of the banners that Tony made last night for them

We are also making the Welcome Home banner for the family as well! It comes back around eventually...the way you treat others, it will come right back to you...We are not materialistic people and this is such an awesome opportunity to really help not just the family, but people that worked for Extreme Makeover. It also takes our minds off of the h#ll we're going through. It really is a good feeling to help.

I'll tell you something wow. How the whole community gets together to help. This kind of thing should be done twice a year in the community...really. More people would get ahead and benefit from this. Truly amazing.

Here is me and the security guard...Fletch...yes, that's his name!!! What a very nice, down to earth, man. He too lost one of his twins. Yes, we were there for a couple of hours just talking to these guys...It was so fun! If you look right behind us...the famous bus. God how I wish that bus would have been parked here in Parma for us, but good enough...and who knows...maybe next year...maybe.

(don't mind my hair, I had to wear it up...bad hair day..tee hee)As we were driving down the street...away from the site, the pieces and parts of the new house is waiting in a parking lot to be used when they start the build...tonight and tomorrow.Oh...on another note...funny thing dad delivered mail for 35 years in this neighborhood...How coincidental is THAT?!

I just want to thank the whole Extreme Makeover Home Edition show, producers and security for letting us at least be part of the excitement...if you cant beat them...join them!

We have to go back tomorrow, so I'll try to get more pics and updates!

Oh and on a side note...I'd like to thank whoever it was that broke into my husbands work truck last night at 3 am... nothing was taken...we think...and luckily the police were in the area...but still!!!

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