Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Sydnie!

Happy 7th Birthday to Sydnie
Today is my forth child's birthday...little Miss Sydnie. What a little miracle she is. When she was born, she had a true knot in her cord so she could have easily have passed away if she would have stayed inside of me any longer than the 34 weeks. The doctor was amazed when he saw it....come to think of it, Kayleigh also had a true knot, luckily she was a c-section baby. Anyhow, Sydnie has been such a fun little girl to have part of our family. With her huge eyes and her little duck lips. She is good natured and doesn't care that we have a million nicknames for her...including...Chicken Little, City Chicken (which is her request for dinner tonight), Beverly D'Angelo(because she totally looks like her) and Monkey.
So tonight we will have City chicken for dinner and a teeny tiny ice cream cake (her request) for her birthday dinner. I also have to take donuts to her class today. lol.
A little story that I'd love to share on how my morning had gone so far...
I've been battling a bad cold, you know, sore throat,cough, runny nose and my ears infected, but I have been holding off going the doctor. I just have way too much going on and so does Tony. Well, I woke up this morning, with my right ear hearing everything like it is up to a fan. Double sounds of high pitched and low pitched I really think its that time to get to a doctor. So as I am ironing clothes and getting the kids ready for school, Kay asks me for a glass of milk. I get it out and pour it...ITS LUMPY!!! I looked on the expiration date...9/ that's not the problem. I'm thinking to myself, boy the fridge is temperature with a slight chill to it...OMG!!! My refrigerator is dying. Its on the highest setting possible and it is not cold...yet my freezer (which is on the bottom) has "snow" all over everything. Now, grant it, it is 13 years old, so I think that we will be saying goodbye to our beloved fridge. Can you say...time to look on Craigslist for a used one? LOL
I may be LOL-ing on my blog, but deep down inside I am saying "what the heck are we going to do?" I have to throw everything out. It sucks. We have a whole refrigerator full of stuff...all of which are bad now. When it rains it pours, I guess. This bad luck has got to change around...
Thursday is the pep rally for the EMHE build that is coming to the Cleveland area. We are planning on going to it because how many times do you get an opportunity to attend an EMHE pep rally! It should be lots of fun. And you know me, I'll be taking tons of pictures for all to see! My hopes have been quickly diminishing for them to pick us because we have not heard ANYTHING...not one word about anything. No phone call saying that we are one of the 5 finalist...nothing. So its pretty safe to say that we are out of the running for it. I cant deny being a bit...ok...extremely disappointed, especially after my fridge died and my dining room patio door is leaking from the rain this morning...but such is life. I am very happy for the family that will be receiving such a gift from heaven...and would love to help out, even if its to bring snacks or red bull to the site. We even signed up ARTPro Graphics (my husbands sign company) to help with decals and signs...but again...they haven't called him. *sigh* Ok...enough of wallowing in self pitty...LOL...Kenny ate 12 goldfish crackers at school yesterday! WOOT WOOT! I am so happy for my little guy for trying! Now, if anyone can tell me how to keep Kenny from getting wrapped up in his feeding tube at night...I'd love to know the secret to that!
I guess that is all I have to say for today...
May God bless you all with a very productive day.

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