Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This and that on what has been going on...

(our backyard in the beautiful)
Well as you probably already heard...we didn't get the makeover. Slightly bummed, but we are cant get us down when we have already been at our lowest...right? LOL Instead, we are going to be helping with the build! YAY! I am so happy for the family that got it. Wonderful story of encouragement and life with disability. Now, I will say, that even though they probably will never be back in N.E. Ohio, we will not give up hope that they will pick us one of these years. I mean, we've got a 3 year plan in the, these producers better get their act together and decide to come back here soon! LMBO!

Anyhow, I have to tell you that our life has been hectic, debilitating, loud and just plain....well...we just have this grey cloud hanging over this dumb house of ours. I swear a curse has been placed on us and we are just living the cursed life...more so than most. Buuuut, I also feel very blessed in the way that Tony and I have a great relationship and love and respect each other very much. We have great kids...who, by the way, has all been doing really well in school this year so far, and are really good kids that care about people and life. Yeah...our house say it straightforward. Its got rotting wood everywhere, leaks, broken this and broken that...but we have made it a uncomfortable and uncozy one, but still a home for our kids. We have survived...we've made it this far with just about every hurdle imaginable. We are just in a rut that is lasting a little longer than We will survive. Its like being one number off from winning the lottery for us...but we will survive. We will hope that there is more and better things for us right around the corner...there has to be...there has to be. At least we will be volunteering with the build and supplies...I am looking forwards to that. Its gonna be so much fun to help!!!

OK...enough of this whole house thing...moving onto other subjects...

Tony has been working loooong hours these last few weeks...I mean...looooong! So its been just the kids and I...uh huh...yup...can you say crazy! I have 5 kids...needing help with homework at the same time, trying to make dinner, clean the house, live out of a Styrofoam refrigerator and unable to wash clothes because my dryer decided to start to burn my clothing. Then we have Gina starting to climb onto my kitchen counter to get into the cupboards above, Kenny throwing his "fits" that he started up again which has included the head banging, screaming for hours at a time and his new thing...pulling his hair. and worrying about one thing or another!

...haha! I think I am still sane...I think.

So on that note, take it from one who has more on her plate then most...If we can get through what we've been through and continue to go through...anyone can get through life. Just don't look toward what tomorrow may bring. Don't dwell on what coulda, shoulda, woulda been...just take life day by day. Its all anyone can do.

Peace out everyone. Thank you all for your prayers for our family...please keep them coming, we need this curse lifted off of us...and very soon!

For all of you that asked about the poem that I posted a few days ago...YES, I WROTE IT. Words just come to me and I write how I feel...see, its my easy, free therapy!

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