Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sarcastic Saturday

I feel like making this post a very sarcastic one...its just the way today has been going. I woke up with a horrible sinus migraine and an ear infection that is just about the best you can get (see, sarcastic). The kids have been perfect angels, no fighting, helping me with keeping the house clean, just being very good (yep, again...sarcasm is dripping from this post). You'd think with all the religious medals I have hanging from my key ring, that I should be protected from all forms of evil and non good...beep...wrong. I still love them and wont part with any of them. Today it really hit me that after everything that we've been through, we weren't going to be getting the makeover.
I never felt that we were "owed" it...but I just thought with all that has gone on, that maybe some good would come out of it.

We haven't lost anything by not getting the makeover...because who knows...there is always next I will count my blessings and be thankful for the roof over our heads, food on our table and the asbestos, rotting wood, insect infestation, flooding, mold, and lack of space...that surrounds us daily. I actually wouldn't have much to write about if it wasn't for this house.

On brighter news of the day, the headache and ear ache still have not subsided which has brought on a feeling of nausea and off balances (if thats a word) that has lasted all day and into the nighttime.

I decided to finally make Sydnie's birthday dinner of City Chicken, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner...I think I made it juuuust right...the corn...was cooked to a nice dark brown color which had a scent of burnt skin to it...
this is the pan sitting in the sink afterwards
The city chicken quickly followed suit, with a texture that tasted like ashtray...
The only thing that was worth eating was the boxed mashed potatoes! Oh kind of dinner! *yep, you guessed it...sarcasm again.

Before dinner, I had to take the girls to their football game so they could cheer. All the while, I waited in the car with 2 very talkative toddlers *their talking was that of screams by the halftime cheer*
Syd and Kay were sugared up on candy from the concession stand not wanting to use the port 0 potty when they needed too...and now I know why I stayed home with the other kids last year while Tony just took them.

On another note...our new refrigerator is working out just beautifully! And the price? Just pennies to what larger, upscale ones with ice machines cost...and everything is right at our fingertips! ( calling child services on us because of one got hurt during the picture taking and everyone has a bed to sleep in) guessed correct again...sarcasm..gotta love it!

So their you have sarcastic Saturday...

oh...and I forgot one thing... yes...I did call my son Kenny....Nick. WHICH SUCKED!
So as you see, not everyday is all smiles, blessings and positive thinking/doing...some days life bites ya in the butt and reality strikes. I am just having one of those days...Tony took Tony camping with the boy scouts, so I got to deal with all of this by myself today...and tonight with Kenny and his feeds...not going good at all.

I am allowed to have good days and bad. Mine just was bad all around. I am sure tomorrow will be better, but for now, at least it made for an interesting post :)

Have a good night everyone...and remember...

Life is full of challenges...but these challenges are only given to you because God knows your faith is strong enough to get through them!

and one more...just because I need the encouragement...

Don't be known for your "things" as things can and will break. But be known for your soul, for that will be with you forever.

Good night everyone, and God bless.

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