Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day of school for Kenny

(as you can see from his face, he wasnt too excited about this)
Another school year has started for our little miracle guy. He is starting preschool for kids with disabilities in the public school system. In May we had an IEP written out for him in which it was perfect. He is going to be getting a lot of help in a lot of areas. Yesterday we went to meet with his teachers for orientation day. Kenny was a little nervous, but after a while, he was gathering all the plastic silverware and was "owning" the place. His little friend from his other school just so happen to be in his class...he loves his Tori! Tony and I had a really good meeting with his teachers. We worked out a "plan" for if he happens to have a seizure...I wanted it to where they call 911 first, THEN call us. Also, she set our minds at ease with him being there. It seems like he acts extremely young compared to all the other kids in his class...I am hoping that being there, he'll start to grow...mentally. It's hard to see your child and know that because he has so many "issues", the teacher requested an extra set of hands to help her. Our child is not "normal" in our sense. He IS a special needs child. What we can do is to support him and to get him to where HIS fullest potential is. He is an amazing little boy. He doesn't let anything stop him or bring him down. We (as humans) should follow how these kids with handicaps and disabilities tackle life...it is amazing! They are going to be working with him with his hearing aids, patch for his eye...making sure he keeps it on...speech, OT/PT and much more. They understand that he is in the hospital A LOT and will work with us when he is. I think I am going to sign up for the PTA, to help out with their class parties, he is even going on his first field trip in Oct! I am so excited for him.
The bus was supposed to take him this morning...but there was some paperwork that didn't make it to them...so Tony and I took him this morning. We had to drop him off at the door and have his teachers come and get him...hmmm...it didn't go to well.

He cried the whole way in. I'm sure it got better as the morning went on...but idunno. LOL

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