Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A few ways Kenny keeps busy

As we are counting down the days to Thursday (Kenny's G-tube surgery), I thought I'd post some pics and videos of what he LOVES to play with and do...all day long. Yes, forget those expensive toys you see in the stores, my kid is a simple kid who loves household items. Give him a big box, he'd be playing in it for days!

The first item is...yes...Our silverware. He goes in my kitchen drawers and the dishwasher (it doesnt have a lock on it). Sometimes he will sit and gather them then throw them, then gather them. And sometimes he will hide them for us in other drawers, cupboards, in the couches but mostly in our heater vents and cold air returns. *all knives and anything that could hurt him have been placed up high so as not to get hurt ;) ......The next item is our colorful cereal bowls. He LOVE to stack, knock down and gather...

And finally, paper. the more pieces he can gather up in one hand or in a bowl or something, the better!
He also has his own way of talking (something that we still cant understand)

These are just some of the household things that keeps our Kenny preoccupied throughout the day. As you see, he has not been wearing his patches...its been too humid to keep those buggers on, they just peel right off his face. So if anyone out there knows of a good way to keep them from peeling off, please let me know.

For the last few days, Kenny has been feeling very agitated for some reason. The headbanging, the crying all day long, going limp on my and just miserable. He has been the happiest when I am just sitting and holding him. But on a brighter note, he has been trying to eat stage 2's and some noodles!

Again, please keep him in your prayers for Thursday. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Monique is obsessed with silverware too! I just went to Walmart today to get some from their dollar bin,lol.


Michele said...

LOL!!! I swear, we have lost more siverware down the heater vents and God know where else! I'm glad to hear that we're not the only ones!

Anonymous said...

wow...it sounds like Kenny is counting in the second video! Will be praying for ya'll Thursday. So glad you post this.

mpence said...

Praying for your family, Kenny, and the medical team for tomorow!

I don't know what makes one a better choice than another, but Callie uses a chemical patch (eye drop) instead of physical patches...just a thought!

Anonymous said...

He's on the verge of talking, Mom. He's almost there!

Michele said...

I knoooow!!! :)