Monday, August 30, 2010

A very relaxing birthday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Another weekend over and done with...which just so happened to be my twin sister and my birthday. Yup...the big...28 again I meant 41. It was a beautiful weekend and even better birthday. The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been Diane (my twin) and I celebrating it together. Ohh well...there is always next year ;)

I just cant believe that I...Michele 41 years old. I dont feel it at all. Are you supposed to feel old at this age? I think turning 30 was worse for 40's are/have been pretty good to me. I guess with so many kids, I dont have time to think about being old...and that's a GREAT thing! I still turn on the music and dance my butt off while cleaning...and yes, my kids do laugh...but they have gotten many good dance moves from their dear old mom. Cant take the dance club out of this old lady just yet ;)

Here is a little picture diary of how my birthday way...oh, BTW...if you are going to make Eggplant Parmesan...make sure you have a lot of time....I mean...A LOT of time. The frying took forever!

The day started off with a football game that Taylor and Morgan were cheering at...
Then, when we got home, I went right to work on the Eggplant Parmesan that I have been promising to make but haven't had the time...all the while, Kenny was doing his thing...collecting and throwing and then, collecting again...our silverware...In the evening, my sister, Andrea came over and worked her magic on my turned out awesome by the way!Then they all sang happy birthday to me and we all sang to my sis on the phone. The roses on the left were from Tony and the ones on the right were from my second sister Jackie.
It was such a relaxing and just a beautiful day. For my birthday, Tony got me two more additions to my Spooky Town village that I have been collecting for years and years. I usually buy one piece a year and some figures to go with it because they are so expensive. (this picture was taken about 3 years ago..we no longer have room in the house for anything like this with all of Kenny's equipment and stuff) So, for a while longer, it will sit in our shed, boxed up.
And that's about it for how my birthday went...nothing too crazy but perfect.

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