Sunday, August 15, 2010

ART Pro Graphics: ...And for those skateboard enthusiasts...

My hubby is in the sign business as you all know...and he has finally gotten into doing something he is absolutely crazy about. Skateboarding has been a life long passion for him and now he is making boards and custom designing them for the new generation *and those from the not so new generation like him. He still can ride like he was a teenager. Gotta love a man that can skateboard. Tee hee. Anyhow, he made the board shown for his best friend who has a band named what is shown on the board...Voodoo Healin'. Check it out and if anyone needs a sign, banner, magnet, clock, or graphic of any kind...including a custom skateboard give him a call! ;)

ART Pro Graphics: ...And for those skateboard enthusiasts...: "** CUSTOM SKATEBOARDS ** Want something that no one else has?Want to be the envy of your friends?Have a skateboard made with the best mater..."

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