Friday, August 13, 2010

Lots of kids, lots of laughs...

The life of having a large family is never boring. Yesterday, Kayleigh woke up and wanted something to eat. I took one look at her hand and flipped out! Her hand was swollen and red, almost like a bite or infection of some sort. I called the pediatrician, and after a 20 minute wait on hold, finally got an appt. to get her in to be seen. I pack up all the kids, minus little Tony and head off to the office. We get there and as we are all walking back into the exam room, the one nurse looks at me with a smile and asks...John and Kate + 8 or the Duggars. I looked with a smile and proudly stated...the Duggars minus 11! They are happily married, work together as a couple and a family in whole, have faith and work hard. With John and Kate...I just wont go there. See....not much of a
So anyhow...Kayleigh has an infection in her hand from, we think, a scratch that was on her thumb. She is now on an antibiotic and feeling much better. At least, this morning her hand doesn't look like a latex hospital glove filled with air. LOL
Moving on to excitement number 2 for the day...My daughter Morgan (9) came running down the steps and exclaimed..."Mommy, my eyebrow is burning! I just washed it with soap and it did this (showing me her eyebrow)". ummmm...Baaahaahaa!! I yelled...OMG show me the soap that shaved some of your eyebrow off!! yep...she took out part of her eyebrow with a shaver! She totally denied it for a while...then, as she was pouting in her bed, I came in and just smiled at her...and then we both just busted out laughing. She grabbed a pair of pink sunglasses and stuck them on and said that she was never going out of the house without them (but has a huge smile on her face). I am so glad that I can have fun moments like this with my kids. Morgan is a great kid with an even better sense of humor!

Then you get Gina trying to act by walking around with her bra on and a wrist full of silly bands (and I am not aloud to tell anyone that its my daughter's new bra I just got shhhhhh)...LMBO!!!And between it all, we have Kenny hooked up getting his feeds...

So this is just a few of the fun things that has kept me smiling these last couple of days here at the Tomecko house.

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