Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday...

Since its been a roller coaster of a summer, with all the hospital stays and doctor appts., I thought it would be good therapy to write what I am/have been thankful here it goes...

My Thankful Thursday:

I am thankful to be blessed with an amazing family and friends. Those that truly matter in our lives have been there for us through thick and thin. Understanding the heartaches and the triumphs...experiencing what we have to go through and have been through. Unconditional love.

I am thankful for my extremely hard working husband and best friend. He has been through more than most, works 16-18 hour days to meet deadlines, works in a mouse/ant and bug infested garage that has flooding and mold...with an occasional power outage at times...but it doesn't get him down. He has worked hard and yet has a very laid back attitude. He does random acts of kindness towards people and has a very strong faith. He is an awesome guy...and he's a twin too...I thank God for him daily.

Thankful for all my beautiful children. Thankful that God let me have each and every one ov them...including the ones that werent here on earth with us for too long. Each one of them has a very unique personality yet all so awesome. They are kind, polite (but do have their moments), good natured kids who don't complain about things. They love to be around all their aunts, uncles and cousins...they live for birthdays for this very reason. They understand the problems and hospital stays with Kenny and just go with the flow. Heck, my son Tony even did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen for me last night...I am so thankful for that!

I am thankful that (little)Tony is into drums, guitar and singing. Thankful that Taylor and Morgan are becoming beautiful young ladies who love fashion, drawing and becoming pre-teens. I am thankful that Sydnie and Kayleigh are no longer little toddlers (but I really miss it though), and that they have strong yet sweet personalities. I am thankful for Kenny for everything he has been through..for showing everyone that even the smallest of things are miracles...I am thankful that he is finally starting to understand commands like "go get a diaper" and "do your funny walk". I just love that! I am thankful for Gina for being Gina. For being a sweet and loving baby who gives the best hugs and is well beyond her years. I am thankful for how much she is helping Kenny and how close they are.

I am also thankful for the end of summer...when the nights are cooler and the feeling of wanting to light pumpkin spice and cinnamon candles.

Thankful for classical music that helps me relax.

Thankful for very busy days (my way of keeping in shape ;) )

Thankful for Face book, blogs, twitter, message boards and e-mail because I love reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. I have made so many mom friends, some being micro preemie moms, some with special needs, some with tons of kids like us and some with only a few kids...but a mom non-the-less. I have friends who I find to be the most strongest people around. Who have lost loved ones...husbands, babies, children...and those who have been fighting and helping those to fight to stay alive.

Its not about money, what you have, how you look or where you come from. Its about how you act and treat people that really matter on this earth.

You heard me say it before...but, I am thankful that God chose us to raise a special needs child and to also feel we were strong enough to let go of a child...because in doing so, we are able to understand what is really important in life.

I am thankful that I finally "got" how to handle this whole G-tube feeding thing. It's quite easy actually....except for the suctioning part... ewww.

I am thankful that tomorrow Kenny will be getting his backpack to hold his pump in. This way, he can walk around and play while he is getting a feed during the day.

I am thankful for Tacos because it is one of the easiest dinners that I make.

I am thankful for a way over abundance of tomatoes this year from my garden...I mean...waaaay over abundance!

I am thankful for old family recipes that I love making, like my moms spaghetti sauce, dill soup, artichokes, sausage and sauerkraut, and eggplant parmesan.
I am thankful for the early morning hour and the late night hours when it is the quietest in the house. Thankful for the loudest times to really enjoy the silence and the sounds of crickets.

I am thankful for birthdays and big families, holidays and everyday because it means that I made it through another day just that much stronger and that much wiser.

...and finally, I am thankful for hope and faith
Both have been tested and tried, but never has been lost.


JackieG said...

I am thankful for you and that beautiful BIG family! I am thankful that, for as small as you may feel your home is, it is the BEST family get together place! Thanks!

Cindy Prosser said...

Michelle u floor me!! (( hugs)) U remind me that we r to be thankful for all that we have, not to focus on what we don't and u are truly inspiring! Love u Hun!!